Templefield Lower School's Playground Project

by Templefield Playground Project in Flitwick, Bedfordshire, England

Templefield Lower School's Playground Project

We're embracing outdoor learning with exciting plans to develop the playground area by creating zones to suit different children's interests

by Templefield Playground Project in Flitwick, Bedfordshire, England


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This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by November 27th 2018 at 12:00pm

Templefield are fully embracing outdoor learning and want to enhance provision for children at playtimes and lunchtimes. This year, with the support of additional funding, Templefield would like to begin work to zone the playground so there is a greater choice of activities for children across all year groups. The vision for what we wish to include is as follows; A quiet area for colouring, word searches or reading
-    An area for team games, such as football or tag
-    A stage for role play or performances
-    Equipment for physical activities, such as a climbing wall

-    Nature area for environmental awareness

Why focus on the Playground?

Whilst it may just seem like fun and games, playgrounds can help children develop important skills, ranging from motor skills and balance to problem solving and communication skills.  It can help them learn how to follow rules, share and take turns, whilst encouraging both imaginative and physical activity.

Recent reports from the World Health Organisation highlight the need to ensure physical activity is part of the ‘daily routine and curriculum’ in schools and child-care facilities.  Our playground ambitions aim to meet this objective.

Right now, our school field is not accessible to the children during the wetter months of the year.  Phase 1 of our redevelopment plans to address this by introducing a Trim Trail and Climbing wall with an all-weather surfacing.   We are already enlisting the support of parent helpers to create a space ready for our new playground equipment which will help save further costs on installation.

Overall we want to make playtimes active, challenging, inclusive and above all fun for children across all our age groups within the school, so please vote for us so we can make this dream a reality in 2018/9.  Our school is one of three primary schools serving Flitwick and cares for around 270 children in our local community.  Flitwick as a community continues to expand with new housing developments bringing in more and more families with children of school age.   Investing in our school playground now will impact positively on future generations who make Templefield their choice of an education provider.

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