Templar Knights Recovery Centre

by Manuel Dossantos in Wales, United Kingdom

Templar Knights Recovery Centre
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Purchase a disused hotel (above photo) give christians less fortunate than ourselves a place where they can recuperate/feel safe and secure.

by Manuel Dossantos in Wales, United Kingdom

As an ex-serviceman who suffered from Post Traumatic Stress I found that there was nowhere/no one who could advise or help me and my family without prescription drugs, which was something I did not want to use.

I believed that my faith would better help me cope with every day life. Over the next couple of years I formed the Templar Knights23. 

Our purpose was to help fellow christians who required assurance and in some cases reassurance that God had not  deserted them.

Our aim is to purchase a disused 23 (above photo) bedroom  hotel and convert it to a sanctuary where less fortunate christians can take a break "Free of Charge" to recuperate/feel safe in an environment with like minded christians.

As part of the hotel conversion we will build a chapel within the hotel. 

We are a  "Non Political/Peaceful and Non Profit"  group, who's sole purpose is to help and welcome christians. 

Let's make 'Templar Knights Recovery Centre' happen