American Road Trip

American Road Trip

Raising funds

Unfortunately, this project was not successful
Raising funds to try and change a extremely talented, kind hearted woman's life, suffering with deep depression. I would like to take her away from her everyday life which i can see is killing her although she hides it well i dont fell she can contain it much longer and I fear for her health.
With the funds I will be taking her on an american road trip for an intial 6 months.
My girlfriend is a singer from London who used to do various gigs around the UK. Her talent when it comes to soul singing is amazing but I guess she has never got the luck of being seen or the opportunities to make it big.  Away from her talent I honestly could not name a more selfless person. she is not rich and never has been but she has always gone out of her way to help others even when she should be helping herself and it kills me to see her in such a dark place which I feel I can not fix alone.
This is more then a fundraiser to chase some missed dreams im doing this to change her life in more ways then one i know she needs to get away from her normal routine and daily struggles and really find herself and take her mind away from what has become a nighmare for her.

A project like this will daunt her and she will panic if I put her whole life out there not knowing this will even work and I'm not really expecting it too if I'm honest as I would not know how to promote this because I'm not the biggest internet user. she is  shy lady and if I put her videos, picture out there to no avail it might have a devastating effect but if this does by any chance take off she will see there is good in people and good things can happen to her. If by any miracle the target gets even a quarter of the way then I will upload everything about her including her singing videos with her permission.
for the record this is not any old pub singing trying to get some money becuse she think she is talented I honestly can say she has a very unique soulfull voice i will not make comparisons but her genre suits artist like eryikah badu just to give you an idea  

Depression is not a joke and wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy so I'm creating this page not really expecting anything because lets face it millions of people suffer so we cant all come here but it will be interesting and funny to see what type of support/reaction we get if by some miracle the target is hit I will be taking her away on a American road trip for 6 months to a year until the money runs out basically but after doing some reasearch with flights, food, travel, camper rental, cam corder and laptop to keep everyone informed on her progress this will last in a comfortable enviorment for around 6 months. the change of scenery doing such a project will surely give her a new outlook on life. Different culture and lifestyle I couldnt think of a better medicine for her and upon return if we actually do return I know it will go such a long way to recovery.

when I show her this page she will surley kill me but I  am running out of options as sometimes I fear the worst for her and support of people really can help but her day to day life doenst seem to pick her up even when it is something positive

she is a very talented singer (not just saying that) she honestly has a world class voice an used to do gigs and shows before she started to lack motivation for life and has done some touring but she wont even sing anymore so i would love for her to find her voice again and i would love her to start singing again even if it is just for fun because that is what used to make her happy.

When we do get to america because one way or another I will get her there I have already arranged her to do some shows and meet some interesting like minded artist that have already listened to her (i sent them a video without the sob story) and it is expeireces like this that will light her up again.

As it stands I will not put her name here just yet as dont know her reaction  but if  we do get some unlikley movment I will post some pictures and videos of her and i genuinley believe it will show that it can effect the best of us no matter how beautiful or talented you are once your in a dark hole it is hard to come out and i try everyday to put a smile on her face but I can  see past her smile and i can see theres alot of pain inside and i hope i can get to her before its too late.