Telling The Stories Of The Homeless

Telling The Stories Of The Homeless

To publish a short book documenting the lives and backstories of Manchester's homeless, with proceeds going to charity.

We did it!

On 31st Jan 2016 we successfully raised £90 with 6 supporters in 28 days

My name is Ebony Nash, I'm a freelance writer from Manchester who has watched the homeless crisis within the city grow exponentially over the past few years, itching to do something to help. Each time I go into town, it seems the amount of people who are left living on the streets has increased and I've since been compelled to do something more to help, than to just offer food when passing by. The sad fact is, be it due to ignorance, a lack of time or complete misunderstanding, the homeless community is often ignored and alienated by society in the fast-paced individualist world we live in.

Being from a journalistic background, and filled with the determination to alleviate prejudices by giving those without a voice a medium to speak, I would like to publish a short book that will focus on the lives and backstories of those living out on Manchester's streets. My aim is to find a venue (coffee shop/shelter) in which I can arrange to meet those without homes for an interview and to really get to know them as the actual PEOPLE that society often tries to forget they are. Those who are willing to participate will receive a care package including food, clothing and as many nights at a shelter as this funder will pay for, then I can go away and write up the pieces to be collated into a book and then published.

Working with a photographer and graphic designer (already secured and willing to be paid a basic rate), we will create a publication that can be sold in charity shops and on a website, with proceeds going to Manchester's homeless charity The Mustard Tree. 

Your donations will go towards the following:

  • Venue (though if anyone knows somewhere that would host for free, that would be incredible!)
  • Care packages 
  • Publishing costs
  • Freelancer costs

Please find it in your hearts to help me on this mission to give Manchester's homeless people a voice once more.

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