End the Troubles story - by telling your own

by Tell Your Truth Now in Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

End the Troubles story - by telling your own
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To allow people to tell in a confidential way how the Troubles effected them. Through Truth comes progress, for ourselves and our society.

by Tell Your Truth Now in Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

Mental illness is a huge issue in our country. Not enough services are out there to tackle the growing and progressive problem. Even with services that exist there are barriers to using them. People have fear in who might find out, anxiety in that they are not supposed to talk about it.

The money raised will initially fund the design and printing of leaflets that I will distribute around Belfast. Primarily and most importantly the raised funds will go towards a PO box that people can anonymously and confidentially send their letters and stories in to. Also with no cost needed I will set up an email address as well.

And finally and depending on funding raised there may be the opportunity to fund an Arts project that will showcase people's thoughts and stories, all with the permission of contributers.

I hope that people find this service useful.

Let's make 'End the Troubles story - by telling your own' happen