Develop an App which will ensure that this concept is used as widely as possible

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We have developed and own a website which makes contacting HMRC very much more simple and convenient for everybody. No more waiting for a member of the HMRC Call Centre to answer the phone.

Joining the website allows anyone to inform HMRC about:-

  • Changes in their Personal circumstances which may impact on their Tax Credits
  • Changes to their Pension income, which may affect their PAYE tax
  • Claim a Tax Free Allowance because of their employment
  • Inform HMRC of a change of Address

And all without any cost or delay. There is the additional bonus that, as we are an independent organisation, those using the website will have a copy of the information they provided to HMRC, always useful should HMRC fail to act and an underpayment be demanded. (A copy of the HMRC requirements for Tax Credits notification is also attached). We are regulated by the Information Commissioner – Data Protection Reg. No. 7653588.

The USP is that we are independant and the User has proof of the information provided within their control. This allows for situations where HMRC dispute the information provided.

The concept has the potential to be extended to interact with Local and other Governmental organisations.