Telford First Repsonders 4x4 Vehicle

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Telford First Repsonders 4x4 Vehicle

We aim to buy a 4x4 car to allow our volunteers to respond to 999 calls in bad weather and to remote locations.

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This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by November 27th 2018 at 12:00pm

Our objective is to save lives in the community of Telford and area by responding to 999 Calls where we can arrive before an Ambulance or assist the ambulance Paramedics using our skills.

During the harsh winter of 2017/18 we had to stand our teams down for several weeks as it was not safe to travel in our current car that does not have 4x4 capability and so we have decided to purchase a 4x4 to extend our availability during adverse weather and also to remote locations (which we are not short of in Shropshire)

As a secondary role a 4x4 car can assist in getting key NHS staff to work or, in the case of community care clinicians such as Midwives or District Nurses, directly to the patients.

Whilst we are supported by and work in collaboration with West Midlands Ambulance Service they are not able to support us financially and so we would love the community to help to fund our vehicle upgrade via Crowdfunding.

Thanks for any support you can give.

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