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by Isaac Barclay in London, England, United Kingdom

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by Isaac Barclay in London, England, United Kingdom

We have started our company in 2016 from London. Every quarter we have grown massively due to the great demand in the market for our products. 

Fast forwarding to today, we have offices in Kiev (Ukraine) , Delhi (India), London (UK), Wiesbaden (Germany), Eindhoven (The Netherlands). We have over 80 members of staff distributed among these offices.

Our business has been divided into 3 sections. We have our B2B sales being conducted from London mainly. All the orders for our B2B clients come into this branch and get distributed among our clients.

Secondly we have our Retail Platforms. We have recently started retailing our products too throughout the European Markets. We are currently making use of external platforms and our own retail webshop which is covering Germany, UK, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. These activities are covered by our German, Dutch and UK offices. 

Finally we have built our own social B2B platform. The purpose of this platform is to bring companies from all over the world together who are in the industry. They can chose from 3 different membership types and sell/purchase their stock from this platform. This has taken over a year to engineer and it has been completed and still being improved by our Indian team based in Delhi.

We have also got our Ukraine office which provides Virtual Staffing Solutions for all types of companies in the Telecoms Market. We have currently got over 30 staff which are contracted out for 12 months. We are rapidly growing this section of our business. There is an overwhelming amount of demand and we are training and employing new staff on a daily basis. Virtual Staff will focus 100% for the company they have been assigned for and they bring in over 1 million USD of sales each month to each company they're assigned to.

In the near future we are looking to expand our retail side into more european countries and aim for a larger market share. We are also looking to give our B2B platform users the ability to retail their stock on our retail webshop and at the same time continue building their B2B side of the firm with our services. 

As we are in this industry ourselves, we have first hand experience in the issues companies face throughout their day to day activities. We are working very hard to provide solutions towards these daily problems and minimise their cost which is why we have always had a great result with every service we have offered our clients. 

We have built this business to a great position, we currently are the only company in the second hand telecoms industry that has such a vast amount of services and solutions and abilities in all aspects from staffing solutions, to generating sales, introducing new suppliers and clients and at the same time keep it very social and easy to use and access. I am very confident to say that we currently do not have anyone competing with us directly with all the services and products we offer. 

We are looking to create funding for mainly two reasons.

1. We would like to be able to purchase bigger batches of stock from the first hand distributors. We are currently purchasing our stock from companies who are also wholesalers but not large scale distributors. By doing this we will have a wider range of stock always available, we will also reduce our purchase price by over 10-15% which will mean we can be more competitive and more profitable.

2. We would like to organise and conduct a very large scale marketing campaign, reaching out to the more smaller companies and also the much larger companies as we currently have only medium sized businesses with us on board. We would like to strategically advertise our products and services and generate larger revenue streams for the company.

We are not struggling financially, however with the right investment we can achieve our targets fairly quicker compared to using our funds which in the long run means more profit for both parties involved in the investment. 

Feel free to contact us for more information.


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