Teeny Greeny Urban Farm Crowdfunder

Urban farm fundraiser to improve infrastructure & enable intensive production of organic food for local people using unused/derelict spaces

We did it!

On 26th Mar 2017 we successfully raised £3,050 of £3,000 target with 39 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

Should I achieve the original target, the stretch target money would be used to fund further improvements to the farm and help locally including:

  • Make a larger donation to 3 local schools ┬áincluding greenhouses to help them grow their own food on site and help them set the growing space up
  • Repairs to and purchase of an additional polytunnel
  • Purchase of additional low tunnels
  • Quick greens harvester
  • Rental of larger grow space

Hi I'm Lee Morgan-Geer and welcome to Teeny Greeny Farm!

Thank you so much for finding my crowdfunding page, if you can help us in any way I would really appreciate it.


Overall, we just want to help local people connect with tasty, nurient dense, organic food. Ensure it is grown locally, use fully organic methods and let people understand where this comes from and exactly how it's grown with nothing hidden or kept a secret.

I started Teeny Greeny Farm for two reasons:

1) To gain a meaning to my work life. I was tired of sitting in IT  jobs which paid very well, but didn’t fulfil me one bit. I felt the need or even the urge to produce something to be proud of.

2) I want to help people reconnect with local food by providing produce, helping to teach, and empower people to start growing their own, and in turn make people aware and actually care about what they are eating.


We are a multi-locational farm operating on less than an acre of land. Our farm is made up of back gardens, fields and spaces rented from home-owners, to grow vegetables for local distribution. In exchange for the use of their land, our landowners receive a weekly basket of produce throughout the growing season.

Our landowers are made up of mainly elderly people who have been growing vegetables for 20+ years but no longer have the energy or time to continue doing this.  We take up the reigns and use their space as a small urban farm plot, pumping out fresh vegetables free of pesticides, fungicides and other nasties for them and for distribution locally for the local business and communities enjoyment.

The next phase is to go into local schools to offer them a farm. I can then offer to teach children where their food comes from, how we grow it and how they can grow it themselves in small spaces anywhere.

There are so many spaces around us that are not being used and so many mouths to feed - it makes total sense to me!


This crowdfunder will help us produce more and reach out further to the community by helping us build better infrastructure and streamline what we do. We will always be local and always focus on the local community around us, ensuring you recieve the best possible products that you and your loved ones can trust to not contain anything it shouldnt!


The money will be used in the following ways:

  • Buying better harvesting equipment
  • Helping schools by putting a farm on site in at least one school, donating equipment to get them up and running and teaching the kids how to grow their own
  • Marketing costs to get the word out!
  • Bulk purchase of seed to keep costs down for the customer
  • The purchase of a small walk behind tractor to enable quicker turnaround of beds to achieve higher volumes of produce
  • We want to be totally open and honest with our customers. To enable us to do this, we would like to purchase camera equipment to film daily activities / vlogs on the farm to enable us to be fully transparent in our practices and so people can see exactly how their food is being grown and produced. This will also be used as a tool to help teach people how they can grow their own food in any small or unused spaces they have access to


As a thank you for supporing me, there are various rewards that I can offer to you. I've tried really hard to put together a list of things that will hopefully appeal to you and in some way thank you for commiting to help me on my journey. You can however donate without the take up of a reward and feel good in the fact that you are giving back to your local community food system.

Thank you for looking at my page and even considering supporting me, it means a lot.

All the best and look forward to speaking to you soon, Lee Morgan-Geer


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