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Teens aged 13-17 post jobs they are able to do OR Adults post jobs that they need doing. This is the future, be the first to experience it.

by Adam in United Kingdom


As a teenager myself, I know everyone wants to buy latest trends and go to town often with friends. Making pocket money is not available to all households and families, they might be struggling with cash at the moment or might not believe in parents giving kids money. With Teen Works, it will be possible for EVERYONE. With jobs all round the neighbourhood, teenagers aged 13-17 can find work with ease. This idea has a bright future, but it will only become a inspiring platform with all you're help. Please read below to find out what will happen with all the money raised, and how the platform/website will work. Hopefully you decide to donate some money, everything and anything will be much appreciated. Pledge in a platform you believe in. Pledge in Teen Works now. 

Now, what will we do with donation money?

- With donations & pledges, our stunning Teen Works website will continue to expand, get useful updates and grow. The website domain teenworks.co.uk is already attached to the website at launch.

- Marketing and Advertising. With all money donated, at first, a lot of it will go towards this. Financing of AD's will be crucial to expand our stunning FREE platform.

The Idea:

Take a look at our incredible, fresh new website to check out the features!


(First Part) Teenagers will come onto the platform create an account and add listings of what the are able to do (eg.  Washing Cars, Vacuuming, Gardening, Pet Sitting, etc...) . Adults will come across their profile and message them for the job hire. If adults are looking for a cheaper price, they can negotiate BEFORE the meetup to do the job. Customers will pay the said amount, after the job is done properly. If the job is not done properly, customers report this, and Teen Works issues a strike. Once a user gets 2 strikes, they will be banned from posting job ad's. This is to ensure we have top notch, high quality, teenagers posting on our platform. If you are under the age of 16, it is up to your parents to decide if they go meet the adult hiring you, before you start the job (for safety reasons)

(Second Part) If anyone has a job to BE done, they can post this as well. This has similar features comparing to the ' (First Part) ' which is the paragraph above the one you are reading now. 

Special Features of Website:

  • A review section, where every teenager can be left a review after they complete a job, this gets them recommendations, which then customers will look at when deciding who to hire for a job.
  • Searching jobs by location. You can filter out what town your in, when customers are searching to hire someone.
  • Favourite trusted listings. After you have used someone's job AD, you can favourite that listing, so you can use them again another time.
  • Signing in via third party companies. (eg. Google etc.)


Any Business Enquiries:

EMAIL: [email protected]

Website: teenworks.co.uk


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