Teenage Cancer Trust Auction

Teenage Cancer Trust Auction

To raise money for Teenage Cancer Research in light of my 18 year old second cousin Sam's recent diagnosis.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hello Crowdfunders! 

So a little while ago my second cousin Sam was diagnosed with bowel cancer at the age of 18, after a long battle with other learning difficulties throughout his childhood. What makes this story so special, is not the unbearable unfairness of this diagnosis on a young man at such an early age, but the strength and courage he has chosen to use to fight this, despite being due to go to university this year, of which in itself has been such a huge acheivement. I don't want to focus on why it has been a struggle for him to get so amazingly far because I feel it may over-shadow the fact that he achieved this regardless of any disadvantages, and achieved it with flying colours. So beautifully and unselfishly, he has decided to raise money for Teenage Cancer Trust, in exchange for making wonderful historical themed cards in return for donations.
Recently, I have seen so many people trying to sell the new £5 notes for 100s, sometimes 1000s of pounds and I came across a valuable one myself. (as seen in the photo above AA04) I thought to myself, isn't it strange how physically this note is worth no more than £5, yet its value is much greater. To which I came to the conclusion that with that mentality, what could I do to make this note go further. 
Instead of selling it on Ebay, I am going to offer it on here to the first pledger of £150 and for those that also want to donate, I am offering each person the opportunity to use me to help them with something. This could be anything from writing a poem to watering their garden (if you are local!). Many of you may have seen/heard about the idea of paying it forward, so this is me, doing just that. 

If you'd like to read Sam's story, you can check it out on his Just Giving page here https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/hist-greet

All donations will go to Teenage Cancer Trust on behalf of Sam. 

Thanks a bunch guys!!