Teckels Animal Sanctuaries Renewable Energy Campaign

Keeping vulnerable animals warm and bedding clean is critical.. A heat pump will reduce energy costs so we can help more animals in need.

We did it!

On 10th Oct 2016 we successfully raised £530 with 24 supporters in 39 days

Hello, we are Teckels Animal Sanctuaries - an animal rescue charity based in Whitminster, Gloucester.

We use a large amount of hot water, mainly through the use of washing machines which are on the go every day to clean blankets and bedding for the animals in our care.

With no gas connection on site, hot water is provided by an electric immersion heater which is expensive to run, meaning vital funds are being used on electricity bills when they could be allocated to improve the animals' mental well-being, help fund Centre improvements and ultimately enable us to take in and help more animals in need.

If we were awarded a M&S Community Energy Fund we would like to install an Air Source Heat Pump to reduce the cost of providing hot water.

It is anticipated that all of the hot water can be provided by the Air Source heat pump, saving up to 60% in energy use and over 16,600kg of CO2 per annum!

An Air Source heat pump absorbs heat from the outside air and converts it into useful energy via a series of expansion vessels, compressors and heat exchangers– similar to a refrigerator, but in reverse.

This heat can then be used to heat radiators for heating and hot water, linking into the existing washing machines making them more efficient and cheaper to run.  The heat pump unit will be installed outside and linked to the hot water tank which we will replace with a more efficient, purpose built tank.

We hope to install a Samsung 16kW EHS Monobloc heat pump and link this to a specially designed thermal store to suit our requirements.  We will also incorporate a “nano-technology” heat transfer fluid to further increase the efficiencies, reducing more cost and CO2 emissions.

The Samsung unit is “future proofed” and carries the highest possible energy efficiency rating of A+++ - making it already compliant to 2019 standards.

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We would like to become as environmentally friendly as possible and are very conscious of our carbon footprint. That’s why we are turning to Crowd Funder to try and raise an additional £6,000 in order to cover the costs of replacing our Rescue Centre lighting with LED lights and install Infrared heaters in ten of our rescue cat pens.

Thank you so much for reading this.

About Teckels Animal Sanctuaries: Over the years, we have rescued and re-homed thousands of animals and typically take in over 400 animals each year.  We do not discriminate against old or sick animals and have a non-destruction policy.

We passionately believe that every cat and dog deserves a happy, fulfilling life. Everything we do is focused on improving the lives of the wonderful animals who come into our care.

Our aim is to provide the best possible care to dogs and cats who find themselves in need of help. We therefore provide appropriate rehabilitation and behavioural support to any animal who need extra support.

Our creation of a safe and caring environment spreads beyond our four legged friends.

We provide volunteering opportunities for adults with special needs and learning difficulties and educational talks for schoolchildren to help them understand the commitment of having a pet.

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