Tech for Good Live events and podcasts 2019

by Rebecca Rae-Evans in Glossop, England, United Kingdom

Tech for Good Live events and podcasts 2019
We did it
On 3rd June 2019 we successfully raised £3,198 with 69 supporters in 28 days

To encourage and equip people to use technology to have a positive social impact. Monthly events and weekly podcasts help us achieve this.

by Rebecca Rae-Evans in Glossop, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Technology gets a bad rap. This is because it's used to do a lot of really, really crappy stuff. However, at Tech for Good Live we believe it can be used to have a positive impact on the world.

We're experts in tech for good, podcast creation and events

For 3 years, we've been creating events and podcasts, and we think we have a good formula now. Our output is professional and our team includes some senior people within the world of tech for good. We've also got content enthusiasts galore. We try to make fun, engaging and useful content. We've had guests on including Mike Monteiro, Sara Wachter-Boettcher, Mary Mazzio and Dr Sue Black.

"Given the worldwide ‘podscape’ of inane babble, received wisdom and white noise, this stands out: Genuine voices, open-minded not ego-driven, often listenable throughout and occasionally downright compelling.." 

The Man With No Fame iTunes review

What do we need £££ for?

We've been operating on favours, lunch hours and late nights. (Thanks everyone!!!) We'd love to have some cash to start funding what we do so we can keep going (volunteer fatigue is a real thing!) and improve what we do and reach more people. 


These funds will help us to create the rest of 2019's events and podcasts. 

What we have planned

- (almost) weekly news podcasts with guests who are top of their game from the charity, design and tech sectors. We'll look at what's happened this week in the world of tech for good. We break it down. Critique it and provide thoughts on how to improve.

- 'Making Friends with' series where we speak one on one with some influential types. Previous guests have included user researcher Steve Portigal, Richard Wilson from the campaign 'Stop Funding Hate', and acclaimed author Laura Klein.

- Special series, such as 'Live from Camp Digital' where we record from the Camp Digital Conference in Manchester, speaking to guests like the wonderful Cennydd Bowles. And a couple of documentary series looking at Mental Health in the tech sector and the Circular Economy. 

- Monthly events live from Manchester looking at topics such as digital activism, regulation and encryption.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

Support our content

The reward is that special feeling you get from knowing that you've done a good thing! Also, our genuine, heartfelt thanks. This pledge will help support us for our content going forward. We really appreciate it!

£20 or more

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Get some actual TfGL merch!

We'll send you a set of Tech for Good Live beermats, with custom artwork by the weird and wonderful illustrator Holly Bagnall! They're beautiful and somewhat terrifying. We'll also throw in a couple of stickers. Who doesn't love merchandise? Obviously, you'll also get our genuine, heartfelt thanks. Every pledge helps us continue to fight the good fight.

£50 or more

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We will review and rate your tech for good idea

Send us your tech idea for social good. Maybe it's just a thought you've had, or maybe you're half way through building the product, or maybe you've launched it already. Maybe you're a charity, or a social entrepreneur - either way, our expert team will review it live on a pod. (It'll be an honest and constructive review). We'll also send you some more detailed feedback and advice.

£100 or more

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Join the gang for a Kurt Russell night

We love Kurt Russell films. If you have a £100 lying around and you want a weird reward, you can join some of the gang for a Kurt Russell movie night. It will almost certainly be "The Thing" or "Big Trouble in Little China". You need to cover your own accommodation and travel to Glossop. We'll cover food and refreshments. It will be fun. And yeah, probably a bit awkward. Winner. We'll work together to find a convenient date.

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You and the gang do a games night

Tech for Good Live is famous for having spectacular games nights. Ok, maybe not "famous", but at least 9 people know about them and say they're okay. With this reward you can join some of the gang for a night of exceptional boardgaming. You cover your own accommodation & travel to Glossop. We'll cover the games, food and drinks. These nights are long, fun, and usually end with us playing a VR bomb disposal game until 3am. Fun?

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Get some fancy artwork

Do you wish that your walls at home were a bit weirder? Is your current artwork not sufficient to break awkward conversations when your family come over? GOOD NEWS! With this reward, in addition to our heartfelt thanks, you get a custom, one of a kind digital print from acclaimed artist Holly Bagnall. You pick a tech for good related topic and she'll create a terrifying masterpiece. There are only 3 up for grabs. HORRIFYING FUN.

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Be on the podcast!

Be a guest on one of our podcasts - recorded live in our studio in Manchester. You'll need to cover your own travel and accommodation, but we'll work with you to find a good date. You'll get to hang out with the gang, contribute to the show and get some great exposure for your project.

£500 or more

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Sponsor a month of content

Get mentioned on our weekly news podcasts, on our website and on our social channels and at our event in Manchester for a whole month. You can also bring a banner to our event and have a lightening talk slot. We may refuse your org if it does not align with our values.

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