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by Samantha Jane in London, England, United Kingdom

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On 7th May 2017 we successfully raised £11,147 with 296 supporters in 35 days

United80 is a concept store for art, music and fashion. We want to grow our brand and the platform we provide for independent designers

by Samantha Jane in London, England, United Kingdom

My name is Samantha-Jane and I'm a self taught fashion designer and Owner of united80.

united80 is a concept store that was born out of a love for art, music and fashion. These different forms of expression are the pillars of what united80 is, and what it stands for.

Culture and art weaves the tapestry of who we are, where we've been and where we're going. Through growing the brand of united80 we want to make as many people as possible aware of our stamp on history, and doing it together is at the heart of that story.

Our story 

It started 7 years ago when myself and a couple of friends took the opportunity to collaborate and form a small shop in Brixton. We didn't have any investment or huge plans, just a desire of having a dedicated space for what we do. But we knew that coming together to run a shop, pooling our resources and bringing our skills together, would aid our potential success.

Through focusing on great products, united80 has been able to grow and become a home for independent brands to flourish. We’ve built and fostered a community of like minded people who love that the shop represents the African diasporan experience and London culture rolled into one.

We have been a platform over the years and have hosted cultural events, guest deejays, live band performances, fashion shows, trunk shows, and topical forums in-store. united80 has established itself as the “go to place” for this style of contemporary culture in London and having our home in Brixton has a great historical and contextual foundation that underlies what we do.

Arcadia University (Philadelphia, USA) students ‘Groove On’ in London: Huffington Post Article

 It is so important to have a hub for our brand, this is where relationships have been built with customers and artists alike. Having a place to showcase product, giving more artists the chance to benefit on a real business level and giving that personal service to customers in a classic boutique style.

We have started to coin the term of the customer that has supported and repeatedly supported our brand so far. They are "The Patron Of united80".  We appreciate you so much that it has become a labour of love to document who you are, just as the shop is our labour of love. We know that the patron has a vested interest in the growth and success of united80 and realise that there are so many other patrons out there that are yet to discover the brand because it has grown so organically in a word of mouth style.

Our Aims

The time has come for united80, as a brand, to secure and execute plans for longevity, and to boost its growth on the worldwide platform as a Lifestyle brand.  

- To continue to support great artists, working in collaboration with them to make homeware, art and apparel that is exclusive to united80.

- To redesign our hub and make it fit for purpose, so that the items can be displayed to their full potential, for us to curate themes and visually merchandise to the highest standard, the lifestyle brand that we have become.  

- To have a fully functioning website and webstore so people can engage in the lifestyle and buy the art wherever they are.

We need real investment to put into branding and PR to get our name out there as far as possible and we hope you, the patron,  will help us get there. That is why we have decided to do this crowdfunder. Working together is what has helped us get this far. We now would love for you to work with us here to grow our brand further and truly make our mark.

We have a range of gifts and rewards....

Triplezed "Doodle of Shop" and CND "Music, Art, Fashion, Culture" print on limited edition tees, mug, sweater and tote bag.

Lucky Little Blighters "Mini Thorn earrings"  //  Denim Recon  //  "Jazz refreshed at home"

"Team united80 Brixton" limited edition baseball Jersey


Triplezed Bespoke Trainers. "Doodle", "Brick" and "Rock" designs available in a range of colourways on Adidas Superstars, Nike AF1 and Nike AirMax 90. (Consultation of selection available on request)

GeoD Limited Edition Denim Collection Varsity Jacket

united80 is a product of believing that art is a very important and valuable part of life that needs to expressed and enjoyed by as many people as possible.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and watch our video. We hope you will come on this journey with us to make this dream come true.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

£10 Reward

Your name on the united80 website "Patrons List"

£20 or more

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Receive a 20% off voucher for use in united80

£30 or more

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Triplezed "Vintage united80“ doodle of shop front limited edition mug

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18ct Gold dipped, Silver Lucky Little Blighters "Mini Thorn" earrings

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Limited Edition "Team united80 Brixton" baseball Jersey

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"united80 combo package" - Receive rewards 1 - 4 ("Patrons List", Loyalty Card, Mug and Tote)

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Get your denim reconstructed by Denim Recon

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50% off for one year at united80

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The "Jazz refreshed at home" Experience. An intimate live performance, curated by the Jazz Re:Freshed team, right in your living room! (UK Only)

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