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Our aim is to create a safe and friendly kickabouts for dads from all walks of life to get out and enjoy the mental health benifts.

by callum sanderson in Rugby, England, United Kingdom

As we all know dads are often forget about left to the side, sometimes they feel abandoned by the system as there really isn't much support out there for us. men are still using the quote "man up"and often the vast majority still inforce that saying onto themselves and others. Men are three times more likey to commit suicide then women this is utterly unacceptable and something needs to change. Here at Teamkickabout we are striving to create as many kickabouts and social groups as we can across the UK to reach out to those dads in need and those who are struggling, can't reach out for help. We have seen a consistant show of dads joining our community who are starting to feel the health benifts of being able to get out, make friends and blow that little bit of steam to help them through what they are dealing with. We need more support to keep our oganization going and reach our full potential and get out there to every single dad as physically possible, our vision at Teamkickabout has never been more clear.  

Let's make 'Team Kickabout' happen

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