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We did it!

On 5th May 2017 we successfully raised £3,205 of £3,000 target with 47 supporters in 35 days

New stretch target

We have been completely overwhelmed the support we have received, allowing us to reach our initial target and cover the majority of the costs of our trip to FSUK 2017! For our backers to believe in us enough to part with a cumulative £3,000 of their hard-earned money is extremely humbling for all of us here at Team Bath Racing.

On top of the funding achieved so far for our trip to FSUK, our expanded target of £5,000 would begin to cover the cost of one of the European competitions we are hoping to attend - FS Czech and FS Germany. Last year, the team attended FS Czezh, where they made history as the first British team to ever win a Formula Student event! We are hoping to repeat their success with this year's car. However, the travel and logistical costs of attending a European competition are far greater. Ferry crossings, fuel costs, food and accommodation are significantly larger expenses compared to the UK event. Previously, the added expense has required payment from the pockets of the student members of the team attending the trip. As a result, many team members are unable to afford it.

Missing out on the Europe trip is not only dissappointing for the team member in question, but also means they miss out on a vital element of the learning process. With your help, we can maximise the number of attending students from Team Bath Racing, allowing all of our team equal opportunity to complete their development before heading into their graduate roles and starting their careers.

Team Bath Racing celebrating a 4th place finish at FSUK 2016 out of over 100 teams!


Why Donate?

It is important to develop professionals with the skills, passion and ambition to continue to innovate and move the world forward.

Team Bath Racing is a group of 20 students from the University of Bath. Starting from scratch, we design, fund, and build our own racecar in just 18 months. The team work full-time, unpaid hours alongside completing our degrees, driven by passion and a determination to succeed. Once the car is built, we have the opportunity to race it in a motorsports series for universities called Formula Student. In the 17 years since we first formed, our performances and collective knowledge have developed, enabling us to become one of the best teams in the world - currently ranked 1st in the UK and 5th globally out of over 550 teams

Our reputation in the motorsport industry is something we are extremely proud of, and we feel a responsibility to use it to inspire the engineers and professionals of the future. We regularly organise and attend activities and events to promote STEM subjects to schools and students around the UK. Catching a glimpse of just one of the exciting paths made available through studying Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths could be the first step on the journey to a successful career. Everyone can be inspired, regardless of age - all it takes is the right stimulus.

Below is a video we recently produced to encourage inclusivity and diversity in engineering. It includes another insight into how our team works and why we're so passionate about Team Bath Racing.

Help us continue to build upon our successful history, so we can continue to develop successful engineers and inspire successful futures.


How will your donation help?

Formula Student is a global racing series. Team Bath Racing always aim to attended the UK event at Silverstone (the British Formula 1 circuit), and multiple events across Europe. Last year, we equalled our best ever result at Formula Student UK (FSUK), finishing 4th out of over 100 teams - the only UK team in the top 5. We went on to a 5th place finish at FS East in Hungary, followed by the FS Czech Republic event where we became the first UK team to win a Formula Student competition anywhere in the world!

This year, the team are aiming to build on this success, targeting the win at FS UK (20th-23rd July 2017). This would make us the first British team to win the home event in its 20-year history! We have a number of project sponsors, to whom we are extremely grateful for believing in the team and for their support that allows us to realise our exciting designs for this year. But of course, once the car is built, we need to take it to competition!

 Our crowdfunding goal of £3,000 will allow us to attend the UK competition. Your money will contribute towards:

  • Registration - We are required to pay a registration fee for every member of the team.
  • Travel & Logisitics - We have to transport the car, team, tools, consumables and driver equipment to the competition. We must also purchase the equipment to allow us to operate efficiently, minimising risk during the event.
  • Camping - The team need somewhere to stay too!



Donation Rewards

As a thank you for your donations, we are offering a range of rewards. Whether you are donating as an individual or as part of a business there are options available for you, ranging from teamwear (shown below) to brand promotion. If you would like a reward, simply select the reward on the right hand side or during check-out.

For any donation over £3, we will put your name in a dedicated "Thank You" section of our website and our next quarterly newsletter. The newsletter is available online and hard-copies are sent to all our sponsors.

The Not-So-Small Print

Please note, some rewards include a small shipping fee.

If you are interested in the project but unable to donate to this campaign for any reason then head to our website for details of other ways to get involved or show your support.

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