Teaching The Art Of Polymer Clay

Teaching The Art Of Polymer Clay

Polymer Clay artists looking for funding to help with local workshops and necessary equipment for step by step tutorials and demos

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We are a team of two polymer clay artists that own a little studio where we design and hand make beautiful timeless bespoke creations such as cake toppers , personalised ornaments , occasions gifts , home decor piece and more , almost all of them unique to each customer or incorporating personalisation in the design  .

We are looking for a modest amount to achieve a goal and an ambition we have had since we started , that of teaching the art of polymer clay further to people of all ages .

We intent to do that through workshops , tutorials and educational books that can be used in school / nursery activities that will hopefully gain little one's over to the creative side .

The funds will be used as following :

- booking space/ location where we can hold regular workshops as our studio unfortunately is too small- materials and tools necessary for these workshops

- purchasing the equipment we need for starting to create step by step tutorials and demonstrations that we can share through social media / bloggers / youtube - free of charge to the public

- designing and editing step by step books for basic cute designs that can be used for children's educational activitiesWe have set unique rewards to show our gratitude for every contribution

Thank you