Teaching orphans abroad

Teaching orphans abroad

I desperately want to go teaching underprivileged children this summer and make a real difference like I did in Cambodia last year.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I spent last summer teaching underprivileged  children in rural Cambodia and it was the best experience of my life.I saw first hand how much of a difference voluntary work can make and how truly life changing it is.Not only did we teach English to he local children but we refurbished and reopened a school which had been closed leaving over 200 local children without education for 3 yrs.We also spent time at a local elephant sanctuary which rescues elephants who are abused by the logging industry and teaches the local community how to farm sustainably.

I want more than anything to do a similar project this summer in Asia but be a lot more involved with the local community!I really want to eventually work for a charitable organisation full time but for now I'm just trying  do as much voluntary work as possible.

Please give what you can to help me help others.