TTTT - Telesphory Temba - Teacher - Tanzania

TTTT - Telesphory Temba - Teacher - Tanzania

To raise £500-1000 for Telesphory Temba to obtain his BEd certificate, so that he can begin his career as a teacher in Tanzania.

We did it!

On 22nd Feb 2018 we successfully raised £210 with 8 supporters in 14 days

This is to help Telesphory Temba obtain his BEd certificate so that he can begin his career as a teacher of Maths and IT in his home country of Tanzania.

The target is £500. For everything donated, I will double it to make it up to the required £1000.  

Telesphory, who is 30, (on the left in the photo) successfully completed his 3 year BEdSc in Mathematics and ICT at Dodoma University in 2016 (Dodoma is Tanzania's capital city). However, he could not afford to pay off all of his university fees, and so the university has withheld awarding him his degree certificate, as is their policy, until he has paid the remaining £800.

For 8 months in 2017, he worked as a volunteer teacher at Shimbwe Secondary School, in the foothills of Kilimanjaro, where he himself went to school, but the school was not able to employ him without him having the certificate, and they could no longer keep him on as a volunteer teacher.

There are many vacancies for teachers of maths and IT in Tanzania, but without the certificate, he is unable to even apply to become a teacher.

He is now back working on his family's small-holding, which is part of an historic agro-forestry system. Although it's a beautiful landscape, they do not have much land, and it is  mainly used for subsistence crops rather than cash crops. The small income they get is mainly from bananas and coffee beans, and a smaller amount from avocados, meat and honey. They are a financially poor but very friendly and welcoming family.

Telesphory is in a position where he cannot see how he can raise the £800 he needs to fulfil his wish to become a teacher. Even if he were able to find labouring work, the wage would only be about £4 per day. He can't see a solution and it's causing him a lot of stress (though he doesn't often show it as he always has a smile).

Obtaining his teaching certificate would:

  • allow him to utilise his degree and his abilities by becoming a teacher
  • help to meet Tanzania's need for more teachers
  • help to lift all of his family out of financial poverty
  • give him the means to have a house of his own, to marry and raise a family (all of which are not possible for him at present)

So on Telesphory's Behalf, I want to raise £800 for him to obtain his BEd certificate plus £200 for travel to Dodoma (I will go with him), new clothes and a phone, so a total of £1000, but I will double whatever is donated, so the actual target is £500.

Thank you for your support.

PS. The rewards are available any time in 2018. The free camping is per adult.

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