Teaching English In Hungary

Teaching English In Hungary

I'm driving my family across Europe to support a children's charity worker and helping teach English to deprived children in Hungary.

We did it!

On 5th Aug 2015 we successfully raised £100 with 1 supporter in 14 days

Project aim

To support a children's charity worker and help teach English to deprived children in Hungary.

About the project

In August my family and I are heading across Europe to Hungary to support the work of a Christian Children’s Worker, Kornel Szilagyi, who dedicates his life to supporting deprived children across Hungary and into the Ukraine.

Kornel travels tirelessly from eastern to western Hungary on almost a weekly basis to both encourage others who work with needy children and to support and share his faith with them. He has raised funds to bring groups of children to England to widen their experience – many have never seen the sea before – and introduce them to a different cultural background.


This trip is therefore to support Kornel in his work by helping on a week-long English language camp for about 100 children. It is in the small village of Nagykoszoly near Balaton.

I have travelled to Hungary before to support various projects in both children’s homes and local churches but this time I am taking my 7 year old son and 3 year old daughter to both share the experience and take part in some of the activities.

The local children come from a wide range of social backgrounds. Kornel most commonly works with children who are marginalised in the wider society and who therefore have the greatest needs. His charity sponsors a yearly camp for children who live in a large orphanage. They are spiritually and emotionally destitute, but through the donations of supporters, they are offered this camp free of charge. They also aim to take clothes and other necessities that the orphanage is unable to supply.

Since Kornel is solely funded by gifts and other fundraising activities my aim is to both fund some of the trip and give any remaining donations directly to Kornel and his Charity, Way Of Hope (wayofhope.co.uk).

Crowdfunding for some of the cost of the trip is a way of sharing this work with a wider range of people who may never have the chance to visit the places we’re going to or be engaged in the work, but who wish to contribute a small part in affecting these children’s lives in a positive way. It’s also fundamental in providing practical support to Kornel and his charity which is solely financed by voluntary contributions.

Your reward will be two-fold. We’re driving through England, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Hungary so we will display your business or individual name on our car as a supporter of the project. You’ll also get an individual mention on our video diary which will be on Youtube and shared in other media.

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