Teacher seeks funds to relocate and teach

by Paula M G Souglas in Cadishead, England, United Kingdom

Teacher seeks funds to relocate and teach
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Introduction.I’m currently 57 years in age and of so-called Jamaican ethnicity and I also am a citizen of Jamaica. I am a University gradu...

by Paula M G Souglas in Cadishead, England, United Kingdom


I’m currently 57 years in age and of so-called Jamaican ethnicity and I also am a citizen of Jamaica. I am a University graduate of a 1994 BA [Hons] Law with Applied Social Sciences Degree. In 2015, I qualified as an FE Teacher, a Teacher of English as a foreign language (TEFL), and as an Assessor of Vocational Awards. From December 2014, I registered with five Teacher Employment Recruitment Agencies ("TR/EAs", namely, Protocol, Hays, Quality Teachers/Capita Education, Novus/LTE Group, and Morgan Hunt). From 2016, I have been continuously (even up until this present week) applying for jobs advertised by those TR/EAs; I also have also been applying for jobs via other job websites and via emailed job alerts: none of these TR/EAs neither the other employers that I've applied to for work,-have offered me a job interview/offer. I have been surviving off my dwinding-to-almost dwindled, lifetime savings, to the extent that State Welfare assists me in paying for my rented accommodation.

Who will benefit from my time/skills?

I believe that relocating to Jamaica, (or remaining in England) to offer my skills on a paid or voluntary basis to a local Jamaican kindergarten and/or adult age community,-whilst I am enrolled on a 1 -year Teacher, or Bachelor of Laws (LLB) fast-track/graduate, training course,-would be of benefits to such community age groups; I sent 2019 Application Forms to study at various children/adult Teaching, and LLB, study establishments in Jamaica, and England.

What the funds will be used for?

I am seeking to raise £15,000 minimum, to £35,000 maximum.

Option A (£25,000 minimum).

The funds I receive from this fundraising campaign,-would be used to pay for: i.] the purchase of a land plot, and a 1 bedroom shipping container conversion accommodation, in Jamaica,, ii.] no-return/one way air flight tickets,
iii.] purchase of a usedcar, or for public transport, iv.] food and miscellaneous costs (including transportation of my personal items, land/property purchase taxes, utility bills).

Option B (£35,000 maximum).

The funds I receive from this fundraising campaign,-would be used to pay for at least 1 year’s rental accommodation costs (to retain my £300-a-month 1-bed rented Housing Association accommodation in Manchester, and a 1 bed, rented apartment in Jamaica], air flight return tickets, purchase of a used car, or for public transport, food and miscellaneous costs. [I would need to retain my Manchester accommodation in the event that I have to return to Manchester for any particular reason; at present, the City Council pays my £300-a-month rent because of my current income status.]

I truly believe that I merit receiving funding donations because of my circumstances:

-Encouraging and sustaining me in voluntary/paid employment;
- retaining my rented accommodation tenancy so as to prevent homelessness;
-assisting me to secure accommodation which is suitable for my currently single person household needs; and,
- Helping those who are trying to help myself.

How soon do/would I need the funds?

I need the funds as soon as possible, preferably before/on the end of June 2020.

What would funding support mean to me?

Funding me would mean that my Teacher training was not in vain,-in that all that training [and skills acquired]-would be utilised by me for the betterment of humanity on a micro level to uneducated and/or impoverished people that would benefit of the knowledge and skills that I have. Furthermore, and equally importantly, is that the sufficient-to-abundant funds would empower/enable me to obtain the opportunity to social network with employers in Jamaica that would probably offer me paid employment;- and, in psychological terms my confidence/self-esteem would be heightened because then I’d feel as though I’m of worth to be of worth to others.

How would I show my gratitude for received funds?

I would show my gratitude for received donated funds [for a fund giver of £100 and upwards]-by praying to God for a blessing for that fund giver, or an email reply from me, or a mention on my Facebook page.


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