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Teacher Home Exchange

Teacher Home Exchange is exclusive to Teachers and School Support Staff - UNLIMITED holiday Home Exchange for a low-cost Membership fee!

We did it!

On 12th Aug 2016 we successfully raised £20 with 1 supporter in 108 days

My new website is called Teacher Home Exchange. It enables unlimited holiday Home Exchanges for the 800,000+ Teachers and School Support staff for a low-cost membership fee (£24/year). I aim to save Members the average increase of 60% for peak accommodation prices and 10% of profits will be donated to schools!

After marrying a Secondary School teacher and having a family, I found out just how difficult it can be to find low-cost options during the school holidays. Prices for accommodation skyrocket and Teachers and School Support staff will always be restricted to these holiday times. 

Whilst Home Exchange is not a new idea, I wanted to create an exclusive and inexpensive option for our hardworking teachers. Teachers are a unique workforce, with around 12 weeks of annual leave in similar or identical times of the year, so finding an Exchange Partner to swap at the same time is likely to be remarkably easier than on other Home Swap websites.

I’ve also decided to donate a minimum of 10% of any profits to Members’ schools for the purpose of school trips. 

Teachers are an overworked (and often undervalued) but completely essential profession with limited resources and huge challenges. Holidays are an important part of the life of a teacher, to unwind and recharge batteries. The barrier to loads of lovely holidays is often the cost of peak accommodation and the main focus of Teacher Home Exchange is enabling more holidays! Hurrah!

Until we had our family, I worked mainly in HR and IT roles, mostly in projects. My goal for my business was to enable lots of lovely holidays, and create something that I can do around my family. With the technology of today, this is perfectly possible. I can do the school run, and get home to schedule my social media, design a voucher and then pop down to school to help with swimming lessons. I want to make a difference to Teachers and School Support Staff by creating something unique to them, and also showing a small amount of appreciation for all that they do for our young people.

I’m grabbing any help that is offered with both hands and giving it a great big kiss on the chops. Marketing is the one area that I have the least (ok, no) experience with, and even the thought of a video presentation sets my heart racing… But if I can deliver workshops to a roomful of people who are about to lose their jobs (which was the last thing that really got my hands shaking), I can do this!! Also, who in their right mind would turn down the opportunity of free promotion? Not this woman!

Crowdfunding: any funds raised through Crowdfunding will go directly towards advertising and raising awareness of the website. NUT = £5,900 (1/2 page ad) and NASUWT = £3,600 (full page ad). Total to raise = £9,500.

Thanks for reading! 

Happy holidays!


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