Tea & Tails Cat Rescue

by Sian Stevens in Brighton, England, United Kingdom

Tea & Tails Cat Rescue
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I want to create a cat rescue centre that is more open to visits from the public in a cosy and uplifting environment for all involved.

by Sian Stevens in Brighton, England, United Kingdom

I want to create an environment where cats and people can be around each other and also have tea and cake. There is a lot of talk about Cat Cafes on the internet and among feline charities. Are they a using cats as a gimmick to sell an overpriced coffee? Are the cats happy to live among each other? Is it Sanitary?

I want to put these worries at rest with Tea & Tails. We will essentially be a cat rescue, taking in and re homing cats in need. However our warm and cosy centre will be uplifting to those that benefit from feline company, and there are plenty! 

The key here is in management and space.

They can help us as much as we can help them. I got my first cat to aid me in my quest to get on top of my anxieties (Plus I just love cats I want all the cats, cats.) Dinah, aptly named after Alice in Wonderlands cat for she sees me off into the weird and wild world and judges my every move, was my first cat that I was solely responsible for. I absolutely knew she and I were meant for each other but it wasn't all as easy as that because I'm a worrier. Long story short we became inseparable and I eased her from her 'Street Life' ways and she eases me every day with her love, reminding me what really matters and everything's okay. 

Plus, Cat company is scientifically proven to aid relaxation and stress.

On a search for my second addition 'Gohan' I spent hours and hours looking at cats that needed homes and I really wanted to do something about it, a lifes work if you will. ( or possible Nine?)

Many of the places I went to to look at cats were just glorious to be around but if I wasn't leaving with a cat I was understandably not massively welcome. People put a lot of their own free time and money into feline care and who would want time wasters. 

I want to draw a line on this unique situation and yes, rehome my cats to my best abilities, but also create that welcoming environment for companionship, tea, cake and a cuddle...that might just end up in a new relationship.

My big time goals are to get already established cat cafes on board and create a system to monitor and maintain absolutely wonderful standards for cats within these environments, there are no laws or rules to how many cats are kept and there are atleast 10 cafes up and down the UK, growing all the time. 

In time this can also help get those people on board that are unsure of the benefits. I truly believe if this is done right it can bring so much joy to all. 


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