The Disabled Reviewers

by Marcus Gough Jones in Aberdare, Wales, United Kingdom

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The main goal of the disabled reviewers is to provide unbiased reviewers of products and services for all disabled people and their families

by Marcus Gough Jones in Aberdare, Wales, United Kingdom

Marcus is the founder of the disabled reviewer and is also one of the disabled reviewers as he suffers from a medical condition called Brittle Bones and Rickets, both of these conditions has left Marcus unable to walk so he uses a self propelling wheelchair to get around in his every day life.  It was when Marcus was choosing his new motability car in early 2018 that he grew tired of having to visit multiple car garages to find his next car that would be suitable for his needs. 

Marcus choose his next car after visiting over 9 motor dealers and he was extremely tired and in a lot of pain, it was then he decided that things had to change not only for himself but also for other disabled people.


Cory is the second disabled reviewer and is also the younger brother to Marcus, he also suffers from Brittle Bones & Ricketts however he is able to walk slightly over very short distances. When Marcus approached Cory about starting the disabled reviewers he thought the idea was brilliant as he himself also knows how difficult and long winded the whole process is when choosing your motability car as he himself has had to go through exactly the same as Marcus by having to visit numerous car garages to find a vehicle suitable to his needs. Cory has already undertaken many reviews with Marcus and they are both very excited to see how much of a difference their reviews will make.  


The disabled reviewer’s rate and review products and services for all disabled people and their families which enables everyone to have an easier unbiased comparison to help them to determine whether a product or service is suitable for their needs before making a final decision.

We are also launching a brand new magazine called The disabled Reviewer which will be the first of its kind in the world, this unique and very exciting publication will house written reviews based on the disabled reviewers videos which are also promoted on all social media platforms.

The disabled reviewers have already had a story published on the national itv news on the story on why Marcus & Cory came up with the idea and once that particular story/video was posted on to social media the video itself has received over 150k views and comments and one thing that still also remains is that even though the story has been viewed a great number of times the response within the comments has been very overwhelming as usually when a video on social media receives such a high number of views there is usually a few negative comments from social media trolls however on this particular video there is not one which proves to us that this is certainly something that people know is needed.

As this is the only type of reviewing service in the world that is catered specifically for disabled people we are very excited as the are more than one billion people which works out as 15% of the worlds population that suffer from some form of disability, in the UK alone there are more than seven million people who are classed as disabled at as it currently stands disabled people within the UK are represented by the purple pound which is estimated to be worth £249bn to the UK economy, knowing these figures above has shown us exactly how much of a difference our reviews are actually going to make. 

We would like to secure funding for this project as we know that once disabled people all over the world start hearing of the disabled reviewers, the difference it will make to their lives or the lives of their families it really is unimaginable.


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