TC in New York

TC in New York

Send Tom to the USA Tom will wear a Go Pro on his head for the entire trip and you will be able to watch this on YouTube

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Tom has always wanted to go to America from a very young age. This chance has always eluded him one way or another. In Toms own words he is "a unique bastion of British etiquette and standards with a penchant for exquisite tailoring and all things aviation", he would be a great statesman to send to America to celebrate all things British.

Seeing such a humble british gentlemen like Tom woo our american cousins will be an admirable look into the mind and world of this astonishing young man.

The Youtube channel will be started from the very first day Tom will be leaving for the US. 

Tom will ensure that he will be CouchSurfing his way through america and the Trip will be undertaken by Just Tom and a Go Pro.

Invest to see the best of Television.

For every £10 you donate you can request a legal activity for TC to undertake in New York.