TBM Book Nook - Start Up Project

by Katy Lowe in Shrewsbury, England, United Kingdom

TBM Book Nook - Start Up Project
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To start a local business that offers people the opportunity to sit, relax, and read in a distraction free environment.

by Katy Lowe in Shrewsbury, England, United Kingdom

What is it?

The Book Matchmaker (TBM) Book Nook is a space for people to relax and read.

The specially selected venue will be a luxurious and comfortable environment for a timed session that you pre-book online that includes refreshments. 

The Book Nook is best described as a place between a noisy coffee shop and a quiet library environment.


Recent studies show:

  •  19% of readers say that reading stops them from feeling lonely. This is backed up by a study analysing social connectedness which found that reading books significantly reduces feelings of loneliness for people aged 18-64.
  •  Participation in shared reading groups is linked to enhanced relaxation, calmness, concentration, quality of life, confidence and self-esteem, as well as feelings of shared community and common purpose.
  • Studies have found that reading for pleasure enhances empathy, understanding of the self, and the ability to understand one's own and others' identities. 
  •  An online poll of over four thousand people from a representative sample in the UK revealed that regular readers for pleasure reported fewer feelings of stress and depression than non-readers, and stronger feelings of relaxation from reading than from watching television or engaging with technology intensive activities.
  • Adults who read for just 30 minutes a week are 20% more likely to report greater life satisfaction.
  • Reading for 6 minutes can reduce stress by up to 68%. 

With these stats at the forefront of the plans I will be offering a variety of options for customers including a regular Book Club and also non-profit sessions working with local Charites to encourage time away from electronics and also to help combat loneliness. 


Why do you want to open The Book Nook?

I hope to improve my customer's health and wellbeing and provide a unique, niche experience, which also encourages tourism and footfall to the beautiful historical Shrewsbury Town Centre. I want to work with and support independent businesses as much as possible. 

I have worked shifts for my local Fire Service answering 999 calls for nearly 16 years. As I get older (40 next year!!)  I'm finding the shifts and sleep deficit harder and harder to overcome, which has such a huge impact on everything, especially my mental health. 

I am looking to improve my life balance - for me and my family. 

I think 2020/21 has made me more determined than ever to chase this dream and make it a success.


What will The Book Nook Offer:

  • Coffee bar (including takeaways)
  • Daily newspapers
  • Reading Hour - books, kindles, magazines, newspapers
  • Workers Hour - laptops (no phone calls)
  • Writers Hour - authors etc
  • Audio Hour - eye masks & headphones
  • After School Readers Hour Aged 9-16 
  • Free Hour (work, read, audiobooks, etc)
  • Bitch & Knit Club (evenings and mornings)
  • Mum & baby mornings 
  • Non-profit events with local charities
  • Mini Reading Retreat event day hire includes grazing table & beauty package
  • Monthly Book Club (evenings) 
  • TBM Products for sale 
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Book Swap Shelf (free)
  • Book Recommendations (not sure what to read next....we do!)

Who are you, and why should I support you?

I'm Katy - I live in Shrewsbury with my partner and two children, Harry 10, and Billy 6, we also have a sproodle puppy called Reggie. I have been running a side-line business alongside working full time for 5 years. 

The Book Matchmaker has evolved over time and I am really proud of where it is today. 

My team is small and consists of myself, my twin sister Clare who is the graphics guru, and my friend Hannah who has the brains and the literature degree. 


I would love to be able to raise enough money to develop The Book Matchmaker by starting The Book Nook - however, I also feel incredibly cheeky asking people to invest in me and my idea.

If I don't reach my target within the 30 days timeline - then The Book Nook will be on hold for the time being and your pledges will not be fulfilled. 

Everyone that pledges a donation for a reward will be added to the Book Nook Family and will receive regular updates of this whole journey and a host of benefits too. 

Most importantly you will be helping me follow my dreams and for that, I will be eternally grateful. 

Katy x



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

TBM T-Shirt & Book Date

A Never Judge a Book By Its Cover t-shirt and also a Choose a Genre Book Date posted to you (UK ONLY sorry). For more information about these products please head to our website. Total Cost £35

£5 or more

Book Nook Support

£5 pledged by you because you are a wonderful person and you believe in me and The Book Nook x

£10 or more

1hr Book Nook Session & a TBM Book Date Book

£10 pledge gets you 1 hour of Book Nook time with priority booking along with a Mystery Book Date from The Book Matchmaker.

£10 or more

Prize Draw Entry IN PERSON

Just ONE Winner will win the following: * Full Day at The Book Nook (9am-6pm) for 6 People * Grazing Table Lunch from @Chestnutgrove * Refreshments all day * Evening Meal for 6 at the new Beefy Boys Restaurant *1 night Hotel Accommodation (place to be confirmed depending on date) * TBM Goody Bag PLEASE NOTE £10 IS AN ENTRY FEE ONLY - We will pick one lucky winner using an online system.

£20 or more

3 x 1 hr Book Nook Sessions

Pledge £20 and receive 3 hours' worth of Book Nook time once we open! You will also be given priority booking!

£20 or more

Business Gratitude Wall

£20 - We will create a Gratitude wall at The Book Nook and also on our website. We will also mention you in our blogs and social media. We plan on working with as many local independent businesses as possible in the future.

£50 or more

6 x 1 hr Book Nook Sessions with TBM Book Date

£50 pledge gets you 6 hours of Book Nook time with priority booking along with a Mystery Book Date from The Book Matchmaker.

£100 or more

11 x 1hr Book Nook Sessions with TBM Gift Box

£100 pledge gets you 11 hours of Book Nook time with priority booking along with a Gift Box from The Book Matchmaker.

£130 or more

12 Month Book Club Membership

A new book club Book Date each month. Full access to the private FB group community. You can join in online or in person (@ the book nook) to discuss the book each month.

£200 or more

Bundle of TBM Goodies

10 x 1hr Book Nook Sessions 1 x Never judge a book by its cover sweatshirts (as seen on Gogglebox) 1 x TBM Gift Box

£500 or more

Mini Reading Retreat for 6 People @ The Book Nook

Full day (9-6) exclusive hire of The Book Nook for a mini reading retreat for up to 6 people. Lunch included from local grazing board company Chestnut Grove & Pamper options from local beautician. TBM Goody Bag also Included x

£1,000 or more

Super Fan Award

* 1 x TBM Never judge a book by its cover t-shirt * 1x TBM Never judge a book by its cover sweatshirt * 1 x TBM Never judge a book by its cover tote bag * A TBM Gift Box * 12 months TBM Book Club membership (online or in person) (new book date sent each month).

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