Tattoo Workshop Charity Prize Draw

Tattoo Workshop Charity Prize Draw

Charity prize draw for Matt Normans nephew Edward

We did it!

On 20th Feb 2016 we successfully raised £270 of £100 target with 23 supporters in 28 days

We here at Tattoo Workshop have a lot of regular customers, people who come here and get ongoing work by our artists, or get tattooed by a few different artists here and become friends of the shop. Stewart Francis who owns the shop and tattoos has a friend who comes here and told Stew about what was happening with his Nephew at the moment. After a discussion we decided we would try and raise some money for the family and help them with what can only be described as a very difficult situation.

If you donate money to us either here on in the shop we will put you into a prize draw. £1 is 1 entry so the more you give the more chances there are to win. We are giving away 2 X TICKETS TO THE 2016 BRIGHTON TATTOO CONVENTION, gift vouchers, jumpers, hoodies, and loads of booze.

Donate on here and comment with your email adress so we can email you your prize draw details.

Here is it in Matts words. Please read on to see what your money is contributing to.

"Hi Guys, this is a picture of my 8 year old Nephew Edward.

Edward has a very rare tumour on his optic nerve. On the 20th November he had a brain operation to remove a cyst that was attached to the side of the tumour. The operation was successful and the cyst was removed completely but the slow growing tumour remains.

The doctors have been pleased with Edwards recovery from the operation however having had a ton of tests since and knowing a lot more about the type of tumour they have taken the decision to send Edward to America for 3 months for life saving specialist radio therapy. The cost of the treatment is covered by the NHS. What is not covered is the day to day cost of being in American for 3 months without any income. My brothers wife and younger son are going to stay out in America for the duration of the treatment while unfortunately my brother is going to stay here, carry on working in an effort to make ends meet with bills here and the inevitable bills that will mount up over in America. This is not a choice, it's about Edwards life and as we all know there is no price that we wouldn't try and pay for any of our children's health. Which leads me to why I'm contacting you. I never really ask anything of any body but I really really need your help and I wouldn't ask if I didn't have to. Anything that you can give towards the cost of this trip for my nephews treatment would mean the world to me, I'm not expecting anybody to give what they can't afford but even if it's just a fiver I would so pleased as we all know how it adds up. If you can give anything, please just message me back and I'll give you the bank details or we can meet in person if it's easier. This really is a cry for help and me and my family would eternally great full. Matt Norman."

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