Tattoo Project

Tattoo Project

Raising funds for tattoos to help my career.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Before you read this/donate please bare in mind the thousands of other charitable causes and how much better off they might be if you donated to them rather than mine.

Basically I'm Rachel and it's my dream to be covered head to toe in tattoos but I'm completely skint with no proper foreseeable income to pay for the things I long for. I am hoping to start my own business in the industry and was hoping some kind soul somewhere with a little cash laying around may just take a chance on me. I would keep my donators updated with pictures of the artwork as well as photos from my shoots. I know £500 will not cover my whole body but it's a start.

I just thought I would take a chance because if you don't ask, you don't get and I'm one hell of an optimist. Clearly this is something personal and I would always ask that if you are choosing between who to donate to that I be the last choice as I'd hate to take away from others who are more deserving.

Thankyou, Rachel