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The Taste Test Boxes are looking to crowdfund to help pay for a new website & review software as we celebrate our 6 Month Birthday in June

Unfortunately, this project was not successful



Tried & Tested's Taste Test Boxes (#TestTestBox) is the new marketing phenomenon involving the British public, as our public panel has become the largest Taste Test Panel in the UK in just 6 Months. Here is the concept; we select 50-panel members, based on their profile likes & dislikes given to us during registration on our website . We then select at random a tasting panel to receive a Taste Test Box, generally with 10/12  new & exciting food, drink & kitchen Innovation products, from around the world, to review, road test and try. The Taste Test Boxes are produced monthly with 50  free boxes sent each month to members of the public together with a few boxes to food/drink media and a couple to foodie bloggers. These boxes are sent in return for product reviews, recipe and packaging comments and consumer feedback. Real people, real reviews - either good or bad - but genuine reviews.  The Taste Test Panel reviews have even led to some brands in the boxes changing/tweaking their recipes and packaging, based on feedback received from the panel. The boxes have become invaluable as part of the participating brands market research and feedback, with brands paying a small fee for participation with products in the boxes. 

Our Crowdfunding Campaign 

The campaign is designed to find current people who are registered for the panel who have not yet had a box to review and are happy to pay £20 to receive a box of their choice over the coming months. The boxes have a recommended retail price ( RRP) of between £50 and £125 each month, so it is a win-win situation for everyone, both testers and the brands. The panel gets to try, taste and review new and exciting food, drink & kitchen innovation from around the World, with many of the products not yet on the market. These products are road-tested by the panel, prior to being brought to market and means the brands get real reviews from real people, with no need for anyone to use the paid ads/hashtag #ads (this is now a legal requirement for people who are being paid to review brands and products). We don't pay our panel for their reviews. Our panels are a great community of foodies who share ideas, recipes & tips, have great fun being the first to try all the exciting products and help brands with feedback and reviews! It's a great way for the panel members to share their views within this fun and engaging community of like-minded people.  

We also run challenges with panel members who can choose to take part or not, with a recipe or drink challenges including some great prizes for the winners. This is a chance for the panel to engage with the brands and other panel members, which creates great content for the brands.


Our Boxes moving forward

Between June and December 2018 the following boxes will be shipped 

300 Taste Test Boxes

75 Vegan Taste Test Boxes 

100 Health & Wellness Boxes 

75 Best of British Spirits & Bar Boxes 

50 Limited Edition Holiday Boxes  (October)

Our new website for the Taste Test Boxes 

Our new website which has been custom built, will offer the panel options on how they post their reviews. It has a secure login for both members and brands. We will now have the ability for reviews to be given on the website and shared by both the panel members and brands on their own social media platforms. The new software enables us to generate reports for the brands on the reviews, for use as a valuable marketing tool and market research. Some brands to date have changed packaging, made recipe adjustments and taken on board general feedback from the panel. You can  see some examples below of brands and their experience with the panel with the boxes example below

We have panel members across the UK, from young hipsters interested in trying  the latest food trends to retired panel members. The panel is open to anyone interested in reviewing for us. Registration is free and our crowdfunding opportunity is a one off chance to secure a box of your choice and join the panel to get reviewing!


Our June Box 

Our June Box with the new website is called 'Best of British' Store Cupboard Innovation & contains the following products

Gin & Tonic Garnish Box - The Spice Pioneer (new product) 

Roast Dinner Dust  - Ross & Ross Foods (new product)

Smoked Water  - Halen Mon

Salt & Vinegar Salt - Halen Mon (new product)

Full Tilt Pale Ale - Wriggly Monkey Brewery (new product)

Thyme and Blackberry Ketchup - A Little Bit (new product)

Honey & Meadowsweet Vinegar - Orkney Craft Vinegar (new product)

Lime & Ginger Cinnamon Drink - CEBIA Drinks (new product)

The 2Cvat70 Chocolate Car - The 2CVat70 (new product)

British Rapeseed Oil - Cotswold Gold 

Garlic Mayonaise - Cotswold Gold 

Leafwear Eco Plates - The Wholeleaf Company London (new product) not pictured

Our Websites and Social Media (from mid-June)

Visit our Twitter @triedtestedUK and other platforms @triedandtestedUK  on Instagram and @triedandtestedUKTV on Facebook to see reviews from our panel members 

How we select the Monthly Panel 

We ship 50 Taste Test Boxes a month. They are drawn at random from the following (our other boxes follow a similar process)

5   Top Panel Members from the Previous month automatically get the following month's Box 

5   Media and Blogger Boxes 

10 VIP Panel members drawn from our Crowdfunder Supporters 

30 Panel members drawn at random from those registered and based on profile likes and dislikes.

Our new website will go live in mid-June and will require all panel members to re-register as the new website's profile page is more detailed. This will also give each panel member their own login information. 

Those panel members who crowdfund with us can expect at least a couple of Taste Test boxes a year as the crowdfunder VIP panel is much smaller than other drawings each Month.

Contact Us 

For further information or questions please contact or call us on 07470 570803

Many thanks for taking time to look at our crowdfunding campaign and hope you would like to join the Taste Test Panel.  

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