TASTE - a dance theatre show for rural venues.

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On 15th July 2015 we successfully raised £1,630 with 29 supporters in 28 days

Help support Cscape Dance Company's national tour of this exciting new dance project which explores taste and social class in Britain.

by cscape-dance-company in Falmouth

New stretch target

Thank you so much to those who have helped us to achieve our initial target. We are now in a position where we can seek further funds for the tour to go ahead and for this we are eternally grateful to you!

Now for the stretch target; with this extra amount of money we will be well on our way to filling the funding gap solely with the support from you. This means that we aren't so reliant on trusts and foundations to fund our work, and we can prove that, because of your incredible support, there is a demand for dance work to tour to rural venues. This is important for the future funding options and development of dance work in Cornwall and the South West- every voice counts and all add up to ensuring that there is a future for this kind of work. 

Aside from this, we would look to invest in equipment and assets for the company, such as lighting and sound equipment. It is hard to find and costly to hire this sort of equipment in the South West, making it almost impossible for smaller companies to get sophisticated tech into rural venues. We would want to invest in these assets, initially for use during the Taste tour, but then making it available to other touring companies in the South West. 

Please keep sharing and spreading the word about this campaign - we cannot express how grateful we are to you for your support and it is encouraging to see that there is hope for the arts in this current political climate. You have made us all at Cscape very giddy and rosy-cheeked with happiness. Thank you!


Project aim

We need your help to get this show on the road! Support Cscape's national tour of an exciting new dance project called Taste which, despite having funding in place to create and devise the work, currently will not be able to get out there due to lack of funds for the actual tour of the show. With already 40 dates booked into the tour schedule, which equates to 6000 audience members, it would be devastating if we can't raise the funds for this work to be seen.

Just a small contribution will enable us to find match funding, which will in turn allow us to bring our unique style of work to rural and not-so-rural venues across the UK. As a Cornish company, we have earned a reputation for creating warm, witty and accessible dance theatre shows over the past twelve years, and Taste is no exception. In particular the company loves to tour to rural audiences who would rarely see work of this genre, offering people a chance to experience something inspirational that’s right on their doorstep - and right up their street.


About the project

Inspired by the tapestries of Grayson Perry, Taste is a delicious romp of a show with humour, irreverence and playfulness at its heart. Blending dance from choreographer Sally Knight (Cscape, Kneehigh), theatre from Neil Paris (Fabulous Beast) and writing from Murray Lachlan Young (BBC Radio), Taste explores what defines our identity and ponders the intricacies behind our choices. As refreshing as your perfect cup of tea.

We have just completed a two week research and development phase of the work, a video of which you can watch above. 

Taste will tour to over 40 venues across Cornwall, the South West and beyond, with dates to be announced soon, and forms part of the Shift & Share Strategic Touring Programme, managed by Pavilion Dance South West.


Tea: how do you take yours? Milk no sugar. Milk in first. No milk at all? Builders, Earl Grey... Herbal?

What’s behind our choices? What defines our identity? Do we really fall into “social tribes” and if so, how far up the social ladder is our tribe? Can we climb higher?



What your money will fund

Aside from providing much needed support for the general running costs of the tour (accommodation, travel and wages for the Cscape team), your money will allow us to seek out match-funding for an exciting programme of education and outreach projects, which will go hand in hand with the tour. 

We want to create a package that can be offered to primary and secondary schools, which will contain workshops for young people led by our fantastic team of dancers, as well as an INSET for teachers, called 'Dance for the Terrified"; this is a resource pack to give teachers the confidence to continue developing dance ideas from the show. Most importantly we will also offer young people discounted tickets to see Taste.

"All I hoped for and more...Most staff have been thinking how the show and workshop can enhance our work - loads of possibilities... Its great having experts come into school. For most children it was their first experience of contemporary dance and many had never considered dancing as a proper 'job' so it certainly has helped to open up a few possibilities and ideas." Stef Brighouse, Deputy Head at St Agnes School, on previous Cscape show If The Shoe Fits and the subsequent workshop.

We will also be developing A Young Ambassadors Scheme and an intern placement both to allow us to grow audiences for dance work within rural communities and, by employing an intern, to successfully support someone at the start of their career in the arts sector.

"Working with Cscape as an intern has been a joy: I have learnt so much from Sally and the team, and have been fully supported the whole way. I know that I now have the skills I need and the lasting connections, both of which are vital, to make a career in this industry. And who knew work could be fun?!" Millie Jones, 2015 Cscape intern. 


About Cscape

Since 2003 Cscape has created 23 performance projects, including 6 works for small scale touring, including "Below", "Guilty Fingers", "Blonde", "Enjoy Your Stay", "When The Shops Shut" and a work for children, "If The Shoe Fits". Each tour has reached audiences across the UK, and all projects combine to 598 shows, to total in excess of 60,000 audience members. 'The Venus Flower' was an outdoor promenade project in 2013, performed at Trebah Gardens and Cotehele (National Trust properties) that incorporated a cast of professional dancers with a community company of 140 people, presented as part of the SALT FESTIVAL of landscape dance.

We make dance for people, inside and outside, above and below the ground, in village halls, theatres, schools and community centres. We create performance and education projects that give people the confidence to immerse themselves in contemporary performance. We are inspired by the landscape and community of Cornwall and the southwest. Whatever our project, we attack it with passion and creativity, hoping to be more brave and bold than the project before.” Sally Knight, Artistic Director.

Cscape began with a commitment to blending imaginative physical theatre with energetic choreography, and an over-arching ambition to make contemporary dance accessible and engaging for all. A small-scale dance company that specialises in dance work with a strong narrative content, Cscape has an established reputation for an extremely high standard of performance and a unique capacity to engage and enthuse both existing dance audiences and new audiences. The company also develops and has a specialism in creating site-specific outdoor work, dance productions for the rural touring network, and developing complementary education programmes for children & young people, particularly those that are disadvantaged & living in challenging circumstances. Our education programmes have a very positive impact on the education of students in both primary and secondary education and bring creativity and dance to children and young people at a time when sport and physical activity including dance is being marginalised within the curriculum.

In 2014 Cscape was invited to become a Resident Company of the Hall for Cornwall.

All photographs taken by Steve Tanner. Video filmed and edited by Hana Backland. 



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£5 or more

£5 Reward

Our eternal gratitude for believing in our project!

£10 or more

£10 Reward

A huge thank you on Facebook and Twitter for believing in our project.

£25 or more

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£25 Reward

A filmed thank you from Artistic Director Sally Knight.

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A personalised post card, featuring the Taste show image and a thank you from the team.

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£25 Reward

A Taste A4 poster, signed by the team.

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£50 Reward

Your name written in a "thank you" listing in the Taste programme and on the Cscape website, for either individuals or businesses.

£50 or more

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£50 Reward

A one hour long Pilates class for you and a friend to be held at the Cscape studio in Falmouth and taught by Sally Knight. Claimants will need to be responsible for their own travel costs and a mutually agreeable date arranged.

£60 or more

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£60 Reward

As well as a shout-out on social media, you will receive two tickets to a Taste show of your choice, and a follow up thank you postcard, signed by the cast.

£100 or more

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£100 Reward

As well as a huge shout-out on social media, you will receive two tickets to the invite-only preview performance of Taste at The Tolmen Centre, Constantine, Cornwall. This will include a glass of wine and a chat with the Taste team after the show. Please note: reward claimants will be responsible for their own travel and accommodation.

£150 or more

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£150 Reward

An advert placed in the Taste programme for your business. With 40 tour dates already booked across the UK, your advert will reach a wide range of audiences in Cornwall and beyond!

£150 or more

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£150 Reward

A 90 minute dance educational workshop for your school with Artistic Director Sally Knight. Please note: This is only available to schools in Cornwall, and a mutually agreeable date and time will need to be arranged.

£200 or more

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£200 Reward

An advert placed in the Taste programme for your business. With 40 tour dates already booked across the UK, your advert will reach a wide range of audiences in Cornwall and beyond! As well as this, you can enjoy two tickets to a show of your choice on the Taste tour, and two beverages, care of Cscape, at the venue.

£250 or more

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£250 Reward

A children's party led by Artistic Director Sally Knight, with a theme of your choice. Sally has years of experience teaching children Toddler Tango, so if your child would love a dance themed party, then this is the reward for you! Please note: This is only available to parties taking place in Cornwall, and a mutually agreeable date and time will need to be arranged.

£250 or more

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£250 Reward

A two minute film of the cast of Taste improvising a bespoke routine for you or your business, based around an object, a piece of music or three words of your choice. This could be used, for example, as an advertising tool for your company, as a fun introduction to an idea or event, or as a gift for another.

£50 or more

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£50 Reward

A one hour long Pilates class for you and a friend, led by Artistic Director Sally Knight. Please note: This will take place at the Cscape Studio in Falmouth, with claimants responsible for their own transport. A mutually agreeable date and time will also need to be arranged.

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