TASPOR Soft Furnishings and Accessories

by TASPOR in Bradford, England, United Kingdom

TASPOR Soft Furnishings and Accessories


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To use creative art designs like the above image and have these printed on soft home furnishings and accessories. TASPOR to become a brand.

by TASPOR in Bradford, England, United Kingdom

As the founder of TASPOR I want the business to become a household brand for soft furnishings and accessories. Using modern art designs and combining sports I believe these can be printed on a range of products for an audience of all age, culutures and genders. TASPOR will create designs for all different sports from around the world. The running theme in the designs will be paint splashes, imagery of the sport and silhouette of the sports player doing a sports move. 

As a company director of a soft home furnishings business I have an eye for quality and innovative products and feel this is something that is not already out there. TASPOR will be started with football, rugby, cricket, basketball, tennis and hockey. These will then be printed on the furnishings and accessories below.


Initially TASPOR aims to create 5 different designs for the 6 sports highlighted above. Different designs will be printed on different items so that the audience can maybe choose to buy the set of the items from their favourite sport.

TASPOR also aims to cater for all types of ages and we are fully aware that the childrens market is very large. We therefore also plan to have these designs printed on a range of children items as well items for young adults such as bags, stationary, sports equipment.

We initally plan to sell on our own website and use the social media and inluencers to help promote our product range. 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

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£30 Reward

So as a thank you for supporting the TASPOR brand we will send out an 18" x 18" cushion cover with your favourite sport from the choices below.

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So as a thank you for supporting the TASPOR brand we will send out a 19 cm diameter kitchen plate with your favourite sports design.

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£1000 Reward

So as a thank you for supporting the TASPOR brand we will send out a 56 x 23 x 36cm hand luggage with one your chosen sports design.

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