TASE Class of 2016 Degree Show

Crowdfunding for the degree show of Technical Arts and Special Effects (TASE) Class of 2016 at Wimbledon College of Art.

We did it!

On 31st May 2016 we successfully raised £1,120 with 33 supporters in 28 days


We are the 2016 graduating class of TASE. What does TASE stand for? What doesn’t it stand for. TASE stands for commitment, it stands for audacity, it stands for courage in the face of…

It stands for Technical Arts and Special Effects.

We need your help! Throughout the 18th - 25th of June we are hosting our degree show where we will showcase our final projects, and we can’t do it without support from you.

Our course has taught us a range of professional technical skills that are used in theatre, film and television. Throughout our studies we have focussed on sculpting the human form from life, mould making and casting, puppetry and the fabrication of replica props. Many graduates of our course have gone on to work at companies such as Merlin Studios (Madame Tussauds), as well as to work on feature length Hollywood films and West End productions such as the Lion King. The work featured in this degree show is a reflection of this variety. You can expect to see work including table top puppets, portrait sculptures of recognised artists, a fountain inspired by the lore of the Dark Souls franchise, an interactive mechanical suit of armour, hyperrealistic versions of popular characters from fiction and myth, visions from night-terrors and thought provoking installation on the effects of the illegal animal trade.



We need help raising funds that will go towards transforming our studio spaces into an exhibition that will demonstrate our talents and skills. Funding will go into building up the space that will be hosting the event over seven days, towards catalogues, equipment hiring as well as food and drink on opening night. But we don’t just want to ask for donations, we want to thank you as well! Depending on the amount you donate you will receive different rewards.



Please check out the incentive list to see what you will get in each bracket, and if you want to see the items in more detail just look below.



Incentive Brackets: £10, £20, £30, £50, £75, £85, £150

You'll get a super cool lil postcard with a collage of images of work done by members of our class to thank you for your contribution!



When choosing your print, please specify in your payment note which number it is!

A5 Incentive Brackets: £20, £30

A4 Incentive Brackets: £50, £85, £150


Incentive Brackets: £30, £50, £75, £85, £150

Your name will proudly be displayed at the front of our exhibition where everyone will see it. Thank you so much!



Incentive Bracket: £30 

This handmade pendant is limited to 10 pieces, and it's design has been taken from Iron Maiden's Eddie, inspired by Mayan jewellery as sculpted by Misha West.

*Please note that casts are delieverd to the UK only



Incentive bracket: £75, £150

One or two of us will give you a personal tour of the Technical Arts and Special Effects section of the 2016 Wimbledon College of Art Degree Show, on a date of your choosing between the 18th and the 25th of June.



*Please note that all casts are delieverd to the UK only

Incentive bracket: £50 

Half cast of a King portrait head sculpted by Rachael Mao, inspired by the Dark Souls franchise, please note each cast may vary from the one pictured.


Incentive bracket: £75

Limited to five pieces are these wonderful metal filler resin casts of a partial, anatomical skull offered by Yun Heo. Please note each cast may vary from the ones pictured.


Alternatively you could receive a plaster copy of a partial face sculpted by Samuel Swanborough.


Incentive bracket: £85

Limited to ONE (1) piece, we would like to send you an original test piece of Red Death's face mounted on a shield; sculpted, cast and hand painted by Monica Paisley.


Or, limited to two pieces, you could receive a full resin cast of a King portrait head sculpted by Rachael Mao, inspired by the Dark Souls franchise. Please note each cast may vary from the one pictured.


Incentive bracket: £150

For your generous donation you will receive a hand painted cast of a life-size griffon leg created by James Mason; a copy of one featured in his final work! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻



Thank you so much for your support, each one of us is incredibly grateful and we couldn't have done this without you!


Monica Paisley: instagram

Rachael Mao: instagram | facebook

Thomas Tuohey: instagram | facebook

Carys Brown: instagram | facebook

James Mason: instagram | facebook

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