TASE Class of 2015 Degree Show

We are the Technical Arts & Special Effects Class of 2015, and we need your help to raise funds to run our final degree show on June 18-27!

We did it!

On 7th May 2015 we successfully raised £2,520 of £2,000 target with 56 supporters in 56 days

New stretch target

We cannot thank every one of our backers enough for getting us this far! With your help, we want to try and raise a little bit more so we can make our Degree Show THAT much more awesome! With the next stretch goal, we plan to use the extra money raised to help pay for extra expenses during the Private View and the Industry Night of our degree shows, including beverages and food. Also, we will be able to print out even more postcards for you to collect on your visit to the Degree Show!

Who are we?

We are the 2015 graduating class at Wimbledon College of Art in Technical Arts and Special Effects, and we need your help! On June 18-27th we are hosting our degree show where we will showcase our final projects, and we can’t do it without some support from you.


So what is Tech Arts?

Our course has provided us with the opportunities to explore many areas of film and theatre arts, and we focus on life sculpting, modelling, mould-making, casting, and fabrication in the theatre and film industry. Many graduates from this course will work in the industry as animators, fabricators, sculptors, prosthetic make-up artists, and prop-makers. Graduates from our course have gone on to work at companies such as Merlin Studios (Madame Tussauds) and Pinewood studios, as well as working on high-profile Hollywood films, and West End productions like The Lion King.

Tech Arts is about creating the weird and wonderful, the impossible and the amazing. We strive to become skilled artists in our fields and this course has already given us a great headstart in getting our hands dirty and making awesome art! At the degree show, there will be a myriad of wonderful pieces shown, such as a life-size centaur, portraits, stop-motion animation puppets, dragons, a minotaur, minature sets, lifesculpting, an animatronic head, and other fantastical creatures and creations!


And back to you!

We need your help to raise funds to run our final exhibition. With your support, we can transform our college and set up our show to host an event that exhibits and demonstrates our talents and skill in sculpture, prop-making, model-making, fabrication, and cinematic art. The money that we raise will go towards the build of the show and hosting the 10 day gallery affair. 

But we don’t want to just ask for donations: we want to thank you as well! Depending on the amount you donate, we will give you different rewards, such as prints, resin casts, private tours, and much more!


Here’s what you’ll get!

Check out the incentive list to see what you will get for each donation bracket. Want to see what the items are in more detail? We’ve described them for you below!

The thanks:

Incentive Brackets: £5, £10, £15, £20, £30, £50, £75, £85, £100, £100, £150, £250

We will post a thank you on our Facebook and Twitter!


The postcard:

Incentive Brackets: £10, £15, £20, £30, £50, £75, £85, £100, £100, £150, £250

You'll get an awesome postcard with a mosaic of images of the work that has been done in the class, and it will also be signed by every one of us, thanking you for your generous contribution!


The badges:

Incentive Brackets: £15, £20, £50, £150, £250

These cool 1.5" badges have been drawn and illustrated by artists in our class, and we want to share them with you! These incentives will be chosen at random and sent off to you if your bracket includes it. These badges have been created by the talented folks in our class, just for this campaign! Refer to the Prints section to see what kind of illustrations you may get, among other drawings that are not featured.


The prints:

Incentive Brackets for A5: £20, £75, £85, £150

Incentive Brackets for A4: £50, £100, £250

If you choose to donate in a bracket that offers A5 or A4 prints, here is what you may get! For the A5 prints, we will choose one at random to send to you, and for the A4 prints, the choice is yours! If you are choosing an incentive that has an A4 print, please note which print number you would like!


Sponsor's List:

Incentive Brackets: £30, £50, £75, £85, £100, £100, £150, £250

Your name will proudly be displayed on a plaque at the front of the exhibition space. Everyone will see your name, and we thank you so very much!


The claws and teeth by Rachael Hayes:

Incentive Brackets: £30, £100, £250

These polyurethane-cast claws and teeth are hand sculpted by Rachael Hayes, and each one will be painted with acrylics. The pieces will be set with an eyeloop, so you can use theme as keychains or pendants! Here's an example of the things that you may get if you choose to donate. Please note that these photos are of the actual sculptures, not the finished piece that you will receive. 


Study of Roman Portraiture sculpture by Sylvie Macmillan: 

Incentive Brackets: £50, £75, £85, £100, £150, £250

This is a beautiful hand-sculpted portrait by Sylvie Macmillan, which you could own if you donate in a bracket that includes this piece! The finished piece will be cast in a beautiful white plaster. 


Cotton UAL bag:

Incentive Brackets: £75, £85, £100, £150, £250

You can get an awesome screen-printed UAL cotton tote bag if you donate to a specific bracket! 


Personal Degree Show Tour:

Incentive Brackets: £75, £100

We will give you a personal tour of the Technical Arts and Special Effects section of our Degree Show, on the date of your choosing! (June 20th-27th). 


Original Print by Sarah Jones:

Incentive Bracket: £85

This is a one-of-a-kind FRAMED original by Sarah Jones! This is a beautiful piece done in pencil, and measures 18.5cm x 26cm, with the frame measuring 29cm x 35cm.


Invite to the Private View:

Incentive Brackets: £100, £150, £250

You'll get a personal invite to our Private View of the degree show! It's the first night that we unveil our projects, and it will be before the public even gets to see them!


The workbooks:

Incentive Bracket: £100

These are a collection of digital workbooks documenting the entire creation process of specific pieces from the degree show. The books have fully commentary from the artists, as well as detailed photographs depicting the work and dedication that each person devoted to their piece. These will be available to you via PDF. The workbooks will be from the following pieces:

  • Daisy Garside's needle-felted stop-motion animation puppets from The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton.
  • Jessica Murphy's interactive sculptural and lighting display, inspired by the film Fantasia.
  • Verity Filipow's sculpture of her characters Qorvos and Anna- a dragon and a little girl- reading a story together.
  • Rakel Cotino's sculpture of Cinder from The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss.


Hand puppets by Lucy Isherwood:

Incentive Bracket: £150

These are beautiful handmade hand puppets by Lucy Isherwood! These puppets (limit of 4) are custom made for this campaign, and you as the backer will get to choose which colour you want! There are six awesome colours to choose from: Light Brown, Pink, Yellow, Black and Grey, Green, and White! Please note that we will mark off the ones that are no longer available as the campaign runs. 


Griffin art doll by Verity Filipow:

Incentive Bracket: £250

This is a handmade art doll by Verity Filipow, with polyurethane-cast pieces and an aluminum posable armature, all painted with acrylics and furred with 100% faux fur. There is a limit of 1, and if you do choose this incentive, you get to choose the colour of fur from the examples below: Tan, White, Purple, Black, Yellow and Red, Ivory, Green, and Red! This art doll is a one-of-a-kind piece of art, handmade especially for you! The following design is an OLD design, but the newer version is very similar, just a new sculpt! The griffin pictured below is what you can expect yours to look like, with your choice of base colour of course!



Thanks so much for your support! From each and every one of us, we are forever grateful for your contribution. We are the 2015 Graduating Class of Technical Arts and Special Effects, and we couldn't do this without you!


Dagmar Bennett: Website

Emily Christman: Website

Rakel Cotino

Lily Dean: Website

Jack Defer: Website

Emma Drought: Instagram | Website

Verity Filipow: Instagram | Website

Daisy Garside

Rachael Hayes: Instagram

Yanzhun He: Website

Lucy Isherwood: Instagram | Website

Sarah Jones

Martha Lamont: Instagram

Roisin Larkin: Instagram 

Zakkai Lovering-French

Sylvie Macmillan: Instagram

Stephen Maddison

Jessica Murphy: Instagram

Monika Petrauskaite

Annalie Ranger

Natasha Ridley: Website

Kat Sinicki: Instagram

Edward Thomas

Danielle Tong

Nicolas Unwin-Spignese

Sarah Welsman: Instagram


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