Technical Arts and Special Effects are fundraising for their degree show in June 2017. We are appreciative of any support!

We did it!

On 22nd Mar 2017 we successfully raised £1,047 with 42 supporters in 56 days

About us...

We are TASE 2017, a group of final year students on BA Technical Arts and Special Effects at Wimbledon College of Arts, UAL. We are a hard working, determined group of creative individuals and we need some help, because £9000 per student a year in tuition fees isn't quite enough to aid in funding our show. PLEASE HELP!

What we're fundraising for...

Our degree show will be in June where you will see your money put to good use! The money will go towards the build of the show, catalogues for the show and the very important private view (15th) and industry night, where there will be FREE DRINKS (not so free because you will have paid through this...thank you!) The show is where our final projects will be showcased and we would really appreciate your support (in exchange for some very special rewards).

More about us...

TASE teaches a range of professional technical skills that are used in theatre, film, television, galleries, festivals and more. Year one sees the teaching and fabrication of props and puppetry. In the second year of the course we learn intensive sculpting practices of the human form, including a life size portraiture, a half life torso and a life size skull. We also learn moulding and casting processes. From this teaching, we are able to put into practice our technical skills in a project of our choice before beginning our Final Project in our final year.

Many TASE graduates work at companies such as Merlin Studios (Madame Tussauds), Pinewood Studios and Elstree Studios to name a few. The skills we learn enable us to work in television and film, feature length Hollywood films and West End productions such as 'The Lion King'. Our final year work is reflective of work in the industry. You can expect to see a wide variety of conceptual and practical pieces all independent from one another showcasing this talented year.

We hope you are able to support us through £, but if not we hope to see you there and even sharing this page is help enough!


Please don't just donate (unless you want to), we have some great rewards to choose from! Have a look and pick directly from the right hand side column.


The rewards...

Check out the incentive list to see what you will receive for each donation bracket.


Sponsors List:

Incentive Brackets: £50, £75, £85, £100, £150, £200

Your name printed outside the exhibition space.


The plaster cast heart:

Incentive Bracket: £7

Anatomical heart (smaller than life size) sculpted by Emily Norris. £4 if you come to TASE 3 at Wimbledon, you can contact us by email. £7 includes postage.


The postcard:

Incentive Brackets: £10, £50, £75, £85, £100, £200

Images of our work sent to you signed by the whole class.


The potion bottle and tarot card:

Incentive Bracket: £10

Intricate, unique and hand crafted by Rosie Somerscales! Picture coming soon.


An A5 print of your choice:

Incentive Bracket: £20

1 print created by members of the graduating class, please specify which number when you order. More pictures coming soon.


Three sculptor's hoop tools:

Incentive Bracket: £30

Hand crafted by the sculptors themselves - made by Francesca Mama-Rudd, Emily Robinson and George Dixon. Various sizes, incredibly helpful in scraping clay away (we have found them to be very useful this year!) Tools come with canvas drawstring bag with initials embroidered by Anna Henderson. 


'Make your own Gypsy Cart' cut out manual:

Incentive Bracket: £50

Only a few available! Cut out manual for creating your very own gypsy cart made by Katie Westbrook from Katie's and Hannah Smith's collaborative project. Pictures coming soon.


Vintage look boxes:

Incentive Bracket: £75

Beautiful boxes hand crafted by Francis Leadbeater! Only 6 available!


Original framed painting:

Incentive Bracket: £85

A painting based on Sam Dawood's project about challenging perceptions of nudity, one available. 43cm x 43cm.


3/4 Scale Lucy head:

Incentive Bracket: £65

Resin cast of Anna Henderson's 3/4 scale Lucy head for her final project. Only 1 available!



The BFG's 'Sophie':

Incentive Bracket: £100

Cast of 'Sophie' from Roald Dahl's The BFG sculpted by Emily Norris for her final project. Only 5 available! Concept drawing below, picture of sculpt coming soon.



Replica Elephant:

Incentive Bracket: £150

Lydia Smith's Replica Elephant from her first project within TASE. Fabricated out of foam and finished impeccably, this little guy even opens! Dimensions coming soon.


First entrance to the Gypsy wagon/cart:

Incentive Bracket: £200

This is available to one lucky person... first entrance is being given away to Katie and Hannah's immersive gypsy wagon/cart installation on the opening night of the exhibition. Private View (June 15th). Follow their progress here: https://www.facebook.com/Yo-Shall-we-try-make-a-wagon-213036005782954/?fref=nf 


Relief Sculpture:

Incentive Bracket: £200

Relief portrait sculpture of yourself, a family member, a friend, an icon. The possibilities are endless! This would be such a great gift, if not for someone else, then for yourself. Go on treat yourself! Sculpted, moulded and cast in a material of your choice by George Dixon. Picture of previous work coming soon.


Thanks for perusing, we hope you have found something that you like! If not, we do still need the help and donating without accepting one our rewards is also acceptable! :)

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