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by stella-ralfini in London

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To create awesomely unique Tantra matchmaking internet site and professionally market worldwide Tantra Love Festivals

by stella-ralfini in London

Even if you're too young to remember the hippy, flower power, Woodstock era when our mantra was 'make love not war'.

If you feel that what the world needs now is more love, sweet love, you're half way to becoming a Tantric because - OUR RELIGION IS LOVE... The only difference between a hippy and a Tantric is that we take a more conscious approach to sexual interaction and use it as a tool to liberate the mind.


For those of you who don't know what Tantra is, it originated 7000 years ago in India and its teachings were used mainly for the  purpose of gaining spiritual enlightenment. Modern Tantra teachers (like myself) have found ways to simplify what following a Tantra lifestyle means - and there are basically only two requirements. To 'live life through love' and to 'make love through love.'  The sanskrit root of the word Tantra means 'expansion through liberation of the mind,' - and it's in that phrase we understand Tantra's association with sex. When it comes to sex, Tantra couples have few taboos. As long as both partners are consenting adults and live through the two requirements stated above, happy compromise is reached to ensure both enjoy mutually satisfactory sex lives.

I believe the root of all change comes down to a healthy attitude towards sex  - i.e.  the ability to be able to discuss sex in the same way we discuss the weather. Only when we've stopped feeling that sex is something to be whispered about, will we be able to stamp out the flea-pit ugliness of what sex has increasingly become.

As said a little earlier, to embrace Tantra teachings, the first step to be taken is to liberate the mind from the shy, awkward reluctance that exists when it comes to airing our truths about what turns us on sexually.. And  this can be achieved pretty quickly for those truly seeking 'HONEST'' relationships. As with everything we decide to learn, whether it be a language or science, all that is needed is a teacher with experience in that field to guide us through the lessons. All singles and couples who are able to come to one of my Tantra Love Festivals are guided through these lessons with me in real time - Those unable to get away, will be able to participate in my online classes and seminars. 

Once you become a practicing Tantric - even a  relaxed one like myself - you find your health vastly improves, you have lots more energy and the years literally roll off your face,  Add to those benefits, the fact Tantra has the potential to turn anyone into the lovemaking partner of anyone's dreams, and you've got to ask yourself why WOULDN'T you want to embrace what Tantra has to teach?

Tantra has no interest in crude, rough sex. It promotes romance and subtle erotic game play to arouse a lover. Are you beginning to feel why I'm such a fan?  Then wave your arms and shout -

                                                                                                    ...THE ONLY WAY IS TANTRA


Unlike many who have an intellectual understanding of a subject but no experiential knowledge, I've been teaching Tantra for 25 years. I'm trained in Hatha, Kundalini and Tantra Yoga. My two most recent books for adults are Omtopia (The seven steps to enlightenment) and lovemaking manual, Three Faces of Sex.  Qualifications I have a plenty but I'm not here to talk about them. I'm here to get you fired up enough to want to join Tantramatch or come to a Tantra Love Festival.  Should you want to know more about my background, there are links at the end of my video 


What makes our Tantramatch matchmaking site so uniquely different is that it caters only for singles seriously seeking honest, lasting relationships. To ensure that only honesty is brought to the table, no-one gets away with posting out of date pics. When you decide to become a member, you 're directed to our Tantramatch photo booth. Four pics are taken, from which you choose two on to go on your profile page.  We have assistants to enhance and edit your profile to give everyone the same fair chance at attracting a partner.

Even though the advanced apps and features on our Tantramatch site, put it streets ahead of more expensive ones, Tantramatch will not be expensive. (In your case, if you choose a reward of twenty pounds upwards from our rewards menu, your membership will be FREE for a year) There are no 'trial' memberships on Tantramatch. Trial memberships encourage 'quick fix' sex types and game players to inundate you with mail. (read my blog 'Has anyone found lasting love on Tinder or Grinder?'   - on home page of  www.stellaralfini.com)

There are no 'maybe, like or favourite buttons' for the same reason given above.  Men or women furiously clicking like/favourite buttons every hour of the day in the hope that  'someone/anyone' will reply, are not the kind of singles we encourage at Tantramatch. Neither do we encourage singles who use dating sites to persuade people to join them on Facebook!


If you're interested in someone you press Match?. If you get a Match? back, you move to stage 2.

Stage 2 is an app we've called Harry. Harry scours the answers you've both given to a deeper questionnaire which is kept in our Private File Room. These questions relate to your 'true heart wants' - ie how important are touchy-feely shows of affection, what is the No.1 most important factor that sums up honestly what you want from a relationship. It also includes your conditioning surrounding sex -how open you are and how open you'd ideally like your partner to be. Some of the questions are similar to those I raise for readers in the opening section of my lovemaking manual Three Faces of Sex. I will include part of this questionnaire on our Tantramatch site because let's face it, if you're basically not on the same page sex wise, your relationship won't be based on truth -  and great sex is the glue that holds successful relationships together.

If Harry comes back with a score of 7 or above, we believe its worth getting to know the other person better. If Harry comes back with a score of say 3 - its unlikely you'll go far as a couple. However, what you decide to do is up to you. Harry is a guide not dictator.  Other features of Tantramatch include Forums with Tantra workshops/meditations plus online Tantra yoga classes - Some of the apps/ features we want to add - like our virtual reality room to develop the senses  (which will blow your mind!), have to wait a while because they're mega expensive - unless a single out there who's just won lotto is feeling the love - Mwah xxxx


As SOON AS we reach our target figure of £25,000, my website designer and his high tech team, will get to work IMMEDIATELY on developing and building our Tantramatch internet matchmaking site. Our intention is to ensure it goes live by November 2014...(so that all you lovely singles out there - of either het, hom or les preference) can find someone to love and be loved by as soon as poss. Stage one of our Tantramatch matchmaking campaign will concentrate on looking after members in the UK and Europe. By the end of 2015, we'll have stretched out our feelers right across the globe.


Tantra Love Festivals are a unique feature that compliment our Tantramatch internet site and are open to singles and couples.  A lot of the content I teach is taken from my lovemaking manual Three Faces of Sex and there's something for all, no matter what rocks your world.You can read the Paros Love Festival outline on the Workshop/Seminar page of my website - and what a lot of mouthwateringly tasty treats I've arranged for you.

And let me ask you this- What other dating/matchmaking site offers Love Festivals which physically help you become the lover of anyone's dreams? Support this campaign...get clicking on our rewards to get Tantramatch and Tantra Love Festivals firmly on their way.

In 2015, Tantra Love Festivals have already been arranged for May on the Greek island of Paros. Two have been arranged for June in the UK - and by this Xmas I'll know in which other countries I'll be teaching from July 2015.  If you own a centre, I offer a couple of unique rewards you might wish to take advantage of - Check them out in the rewards section of  our campaign.

And - assuming we reach our £25,000 target, which I feel strongly we will - what about this bonus to encourage you to support Tantra match - anyone who pledges ten pounds or more will be entered in free lucky draw, and one lucky person will win...

WEEKEND FOR 2 IN BARCELONA WORTH 900 POUNDS -  INCLUDING FLIGHTS, LUXURY APARTMENT, BOTTLE OF CHAMPAGNE AND DINNER AT TOP TAPAS RESTAURANT.  (Inclusion of return flights applies to UK and European entrants only.  If you live further afield, we will pay 400 pounds towards your flights). You can pledge up to 30 pounds for this reward if you wish so that you have Three chances of winning instead of one..

Well, I think that's me done - apart from to say I believe that together we can definitely bring more love back into the world, so - GET PLEDGING   even one pound would greatly help our cause - and hope to meet you soon

OOH AND MORE IMPORTANT THING I'D LIKE TO MENTION HERE - IF YOU WANT TO PLEDGE BUT HAVEN'T GOT PAYPAL - or for some bizarre reason,  as has happened with a few Tantramatch backers Paypal wont accept  - USE THE OTHER, 'GO CARDLESS' OPTION.  This is easy and fast and NO MONEY is taken out of your account until end of the campaign - which means that if we don't reach our 25,000 target - the money goes back into your account without having any having physically moved. Or (fingers crossed) we do reach our target in which case your money THEN gets transferred into fund so we can start building and developing the Tantramatch site. xxx

Love and blessings.  Stella


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£1 or more

£1 Reward

You will receive my heartfelt thanks and gratitude for sharing my vision of wanting to bring more honest love to our world, whilst helping stamp out the ugliness that has become associated with sex. Pledge now x

£10 or more

£10 Reward

You'll receive the first reward, plus my personal thanks on my website, Facebook page and Tweeter. PLUS - You will be entered in free draw worth 900 pounds to win luxury weekend in Barcelona - read details in campaign notes.

£20 or more

£20 Reward

Grab a copy of my popular lovemaking manual Three Faces of Sex with personal message (and recorded delivery in UK/Europe - Outside Europe, postage is extra), plus my heartfelt thanks, a public thanking online and a spot in the draw

£45 or more

£45 Reward

All above rewards plus one year's membership for Tantramatch.co (worth £180) If not single you can transfer reward to a single who is looking for love and keep spreading the love.

£70 or more

3 of 100 claimed

£70 Reward

All above rewards including 12 month transferableTantramatch membership, plus 45 min Skype session with Stella to receive guidance on any aspect of your life

£100 or more

8 of 400 claimed

£100 Reward

You'll receive rewards 1 and 2 PLUS 5 DAYS TUITION for one person at Tantra Love Festivals on Paros (worth 250) Choose from 3rd - 7th May (tuition days) or 10th May - 14th May(tuition days) - Add 2 days for our special, fun events. Extend visit and turn into summer vacation. PLUS transferable 12 month Tantramatch membership

£150 or more

£150 Reward

You'll receive rewards 1 and 2 plus copy of my 'Unusual Beauty Secret' video with personal message (banned from Youtube for violating their policies???) PLUS transferable 1 year Tantramatch membership.

£600 or more

0 of 10 claimed

£600 Reward

Want never to be forgotten sacred symbolic vows ceremony to celebrate union with your loved other on Paros? We'll arrange romantic setting (we discuss with you first), horse and carriage, vow certificate, cake, professional photographer and Thai Tantra Feast meal at TAOS

£2,500 or more

0 of 3 claimed

£2,500 Reward

Rewards 1,2 PLUS Stella will come to your centre (or centre YOU arrange and pay for) anywhere in UK and teach a weekend TL Festival to 20 couples or 40 singles. Price includes 40 Tantramatch memberships. Centres invited to set their own (fair) prices.

£5,000 or more

0 of 2 claimed

£5,000 Reward

As pledge 9 but Stella will fly anywhere in USA or Canada to teach weekend TL Festival for to up to 30 couples or 60 singles. Singles receive 12 months TM membership. Centres are invited to slightly up Stella's prices to make a profit.

£6,500 or more

0 of 2 claimed

£6,500 Reward

As pledge 9 and 10 but Stella will fly to Australia to teach weekend Tantra Love Festival to up to 30 couples or 60 singles. Singles receive Tantramatch membership as above. Centres are invited to slightly up Stella's prices to make a profit.

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