Tankmates App

Tankmates App

Hoping to get a unique app created for fish keepers to stop bad impulse fish purchases.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I am an avid Marine fish Aquarist and I know 1st hand when you go into a fish shop and see a fish that is stunning, active and a definante must! you buy the fish before doing any research on what tankmates are good/bad or cautionary. An impulse buy whilst instore is a very common occurance and can lead to fish being put in tanks with the wrong kind of tankmates. This can lead to stress/bullying or even death to the fish! This not only is upsetting for the fish but also to the buyer who has spent a lot of money to buy this fish. 

My Idea is to design an App that users can put in the name of the fish they are wanting to buy and instantly a page will come up with Ideal tankmates for the fish or 'With Caution' fish. I could also expand to foods they prefer, water temp etc. This would make bad impulse buys a thing of the past!

There is nothing on the market like this at the moment in app form. Of course there are websites but nothing that will tell you ideal tankmates from just entering the name of the fish.