TALK:4M- Supporting male victims of domestic abuse

by Families First Bedfordshire in Bedford, England, United Kingdom

TALK:4M- Supporting male victims of domestic abuse
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The aim of TALK:4M is to improve the safety and wellbeing of men who have experienced or are experiencing abusive relationships.

by Families First Bedfordshire in Bedford, England, United Kingdom

FfB provides a high-quality service across Bedfordshire and Luton to male victims/survivors aged 16+. We will deliver TALK:4M; a practitioner led peer group support programme, underpinned by our Safelives accredited ‘Liberty Programme’ and RESPECT UK training, and volunteer led peer groups. A rolling programme of support groups will be delivered over 1 year across Bedfordshire and Luton. 

Furthermore, we want to establish a peer support group to sustain ongoing support for victims after they have finished the programme. A male participant who attended TALK:4M quoted, “this programme helps you to shift and refocus your thoughts and feelings, and I am so thankful for what it has given me. After so many years of feeling lost and broken, it has given me my life back.” 

This funding would enable us to recruit a dedicated male victims practitioner to develop TALK:4M which has been trialed across Bedfordshire during 2018/19 (17 victims supported to date). 

Nationally it has been recognised male victims are in the minority, often invisible or overlooked by agencies or friends and family when they are victimised, or their experiences are trivialised (RESPECT 2014). For every 3 victims of domestic abuse 1 will be male but there is a distinct lack of services for this client group. 

Having a dedicated project for Male Victims will ensure that this under-represented group have equal access to support in order to cope and recover from domestic abuse.Feedback from past clients demonstrates the real difference TALK:4M has for male victims. 

National Picture: 

For every three victims of domestic abuse, one will be male 

15% of men and 26% of women and aged 16 to 59 had experienced some form of domestic abuse since the age of 16 

In 16/17, 9.6% of men and 19.9% of women said they had experienced partner abuse (non sexual) since the age of 16. 

Male victims (39%) are over three times as likely as women (12%) not to tell anyone about the partner abuse they are suffering from. 

Only 10% of male victims will tell the police (26% women), only 23% will tell a person in an official position (43% women) and only 11% (23% women) will tell a health professional. (Mankind keyfacts 2018) 

We have high ambitions to develop TALK:4M as a national programme of support for male victims and our local work in Bedfordshire provides us with the platform to build the evidence base and secure even more funding in the future.


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