Young Norfolk Driver Seeks Place on The Grid

Young Norfolk Driver Seeks Place on The Grid

Support Lewis Galer to be on the Ginetta Junior Grid and to bring back the Ginetta Junior Championship for 2018.

We did it!

On 28th Feb 2018 we successfully raised £635 with 5 supporters in 56 days

I am 14 years old and I am from Norfolk. I'm hoping to enter the Ginetta Junior Grid for 2018.


I have been given the opportunity to enter the Ginetta Junior Grid for 2018. I am extremely proud to be given this opportunity. I entered a scholarship in October 2017, at Blyton Park in Lincolnshire. This was worldwide with 65 other competitors, aged between 14-16 years old. I worked really hard to prepare myself leading up to the scholarship, as 70% of the competition was driving, 20% was media and 10% was fitness. The scholarship was a great experience with a very high standard.                                            f1e60f5f7ed2d5abc1f2f629f819c3679e2289dd                                                                 

I was asked to go back to the finals and I  was absolutely delighted. I was picked into the top 6 driver's and it was all down to a hot lap... I was first to go out on track! By the end of the 6 driver's the person who won the scholarship was the last person to go out on in the car beating my time by a tenth. This was very disappointing for me, as I would have been absolutely thrilled to of won and have the opportunity to be on the Ginetta Junior Grid. I am determined to keep trying to make my dream come true and achieve a position that I have always wanted on the grid.


The championship is featured on ITV4 as the undercard to the British Touring Car Championships.

I really hope that I will continue my journey with your help. 

I came so close to winning the scholarship and receiving that grand prize of having the position on the 2018 grid. 

With your help, you could make this possible for me.

If anyone was willing to sponsor a good amount, we would be happy to do on car advertising and corporate hospitality days/events. To discuss this further please contact Lucy on 07810516306/ Chris 07920483279.

Please support me in my cause as this means so much to me.

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