Taking the next step in helping our Slum Schools

Taking the next step  in helping our Slum Schools

Taking the next step in improving our two schools and providing the children with greater resources, small treats and games for the schools.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We would love you to be a part of helping to improve our two schools here in Jaipur.  These schools are set up to teach the children living in the slums and to provide them with a better education.

We would like funds to help create a warmer and inviting learning environment so that the children feel supported in their education by being provided nice classrooms within which to learn.  We want to buy new posters for them and create a school environment that they are proud to learn in.

We would like funds to buy more educational resources to help teach the children further and create more interactive learning through music and access to the internet to enhance the children's learning.  We want to be able to provide the children with regular fruit to help support their growth and nutrition and give them a treat once a month.  The list goes on because there are so many ways that we can help these amazing children and bring positivity and light in to their life.  If you want to help bring further happiness to these children and support us in our intentions to further their learning, please think of funding our project and know that it is helping to make a huge difference.