Taking ROTI RHYTHMS on the ROAD....

by Roti Rhythms in London, England, United Kingdom

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Transforming Roti Rhythms from a small, home-run, catering business, to a mobile food truck. Let us bring our flavours to your local area!

by Roti Rhythms in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Step 1, is getting  Roti Rhythms on the map, and well known for being on the road throughout South London. Step 2, and my aim for the future would be, to find a permanent space, where Roti Rhythms would be able to invite YOU, to come and enjoy the atmosphere, and "smell the flavours"!

So, my story begins in my small kitchen, in my rented flat. Already a fan of cooking, I began marrying flavours, herbs and spices with dishes I was already familiar with from my West Indian background.


After further researching and delving into the legalities of starting a business, Roti Rhythms was born December 2017. In a short space of time, business became busy and a successful first year soon passed. I enjoyed revelling in the beauty of food, and appreciated the reviews and contented smiles of my customers.  I have had a small team working alongside me to ensure everything in the background continues ticking, who are committed to making Roti Rhythms as successful as can be in its industry.

Two years on and I am now itching to get Roti Rhythms out into the local area and beyond. I have started by introducing a presence at local markets and school fairs, and have attended a handful of events further out in smaller rural towns.


Working from such a small setting has thrown out its challenges. I have had to adapt my home to make it suitable for my business, however, it has still been extremely rewarding and it is now time to take Roti Rhythms up a level!

The next stage is to use the funding to acquire a food truck, which will not only aid me in making the local events easier, but also provide a safer working environment. I will be able to continue to produce and serve my dishes at a bigger variety of events and occasions, thus, projecting my brand further into the catering industry.

My vision for the future will be that Roti Rhythms will have a permanent base in which customers will be able to come and enjoy and, "smell the flavours" in the form of a small restaurant. Somewhere full of atmosphere, where you can relax with friends and family, and have a wholesome meal.

Thanks in advance for any support in which you give. It is all greatly appreciated!


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