Be a part of change!

Be a part of change!

Make sure your loved ones have the care and support they deserve when they need it.

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On 24th Jun 2015 we successfully raised £200 with 1 supporter in 29 days


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Project aim

I am going to be taking my experience in the care industry and create an exciting new opportunity. I aim to offer a service to local communities delivering high standards of care and an excellent chance to drive for changes in the sector. This service will also provide opportunities for those looking for careers in health and social care, and I will be working with local job centres and careers coaches/services to give people a chance to get back in to employment.


About the project

I am looking to raise some start up capital to assist in setting up the service. Initially the services will be offered locally with a plan to expand and branch out with growth and development. I am passionate about the industry with many years working in the sector and I am aiming to change the face of community care.

The current market, as seen in the press is currently 'failing' or has many negative sides, but with an ever increasing population who have needs for community services, I feel with my experience I have a good understanding of where the sector can be addressed and pushed for improvement. 

As the population of elderly people and individuals with complex care needs increases, the number of care services needs to follow suit, however, do we need any more poor services? Does the sector really need more bad press? Should care still be seen as a dead end job? ... The answer to all these is NO! 

I am asking people to ask themselves, "If I needed support, who would I want to deliver my care?" ... Who would you turn to if your loved one needed extra support to remain at home? ... Is there a care provider out there that cries out to you that they will deliver care to you, for you... not for the company? 

We now all have a chance to make a difference to how care services are provided. As this is the 21st Century, everyone should be cared for with dignity, respect and care, in the place that they wish to live, for example their own home. Please find it in yourself to offer your support and make a pledge so that I can develop and deliver care services for the people of local communities. I hope many of you will help with this, and I thank you sincerely in advance. 

I am seeking your support to enable me to develop such services, and you too can help to improve this market sector.

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