Take One Before You Leave

by Danny Fowler in London, England, United Kingdom

Take One Before You Leave
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Charlie has no one to speak to, until the office where she works begins to talk...

by Danny Fowler in London, England, United Kingdom

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Before the turn of the new Millenia, Charlie, a creature of habit, has her routine disrupted as the company she works for prepares to move office. Her anxiety about the move is quickly overshadowed when an old filing cabinet is moved, revealing a locked door. Although unremarkable to everyone else, including her best friend Spencer, Charlie becomes fascinated about what lays behind when no key can be found. As fascination drifts into obsession and nobody wants to listen, the office begins to talk.

Aiming to blend naturalist elements, with the surreal, we hope to craft a film that has a style that develops along side the protagonist. The decision to set the majority of the film within an office has allowed us to treat the location as it’s own character, which evolves throughout the narrative as well adapting to the changing perspective of Charlie. We believe that adopting a blend of styles allows each department to experiment and be creative in order to construct this strange world that Charlie finds herself in. 

The aesthetic of the cinematography and lighting we are going for is particularly striking. We want a sense of creeping change, just like the change that begins to haunt the protagonist. Our three acts will have distinct yet linking styles, with intense symmetry and order at the start and some ambitious dynamic camerawork and trickery towards the end. The lighting will have a lot of shapes and character, motivated by diegetic sources and reasons - eg flickering light as the lights are old/being taken out in the move. The vibe of the film will be weird, surreal and gripping!

We have two main settings in our film, the main office and the waiting room. The production design for the office will be inspired by the 1990’s office aesthetic referencing the dullish interior colours, rows of cubicles and bulky technology. Films such as ‘Office Space’, ‘The Matrix’ and “Fight Club’ have inspired our vision for this set. 

In stark contrast to the main office space, our waiting room will be bright, healthy and have a very clinical feel. We plan to dress the floor and ceiling with bright white tiles to replicate the feeling of a hospital style environment. We’re influenced by the white room in ‘2001: A space Odyssey’ and ‘La Maison De La Celle-Saint-Cloud’ By Jean Pierre. 

This film is ambitious, and to make our vision translates into the final film, we have to have a few things in place. Though we're able to broker deals with student prices, there is still a lot we need to cover. This budget allows every department to realistically demonstrate their best work whilst allowing for as little stress on set as possible.

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