"Take My Hand" Album by Georgia O'Marah

Please help me fund my album "Take My Hand" so i can share my music about life, love, loss and mental health. Lets BREAK THE STIGMA!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hi everyone. 

I'm looking to raise this money to get my album recorded so i may share my music with the world. My songs are very blues and ballad, and i get compared to people like Adele which is not only a huge compliment, it means alot to me.

My music which i write myself, is all about things i've gone through and seen. The trials and tribulations i've endured with love, life, loss and Mental Health. I don't hide the fact i have mental health issues, i embrace that i mght be able to help others with their journeys through the power of music. My way of getting through life has been through writing music on my piano and singing them to the point of making people cry with believing every lyric i've written at gigs. I really hope you can support me through this and i will make a pledge of BREAKING THE STIGMA with regards to Mental Health.



The money will be used to fund the album and get the music i have already written on line and on CD's to share with the world. If i can save 1 person from their thoughts with my music, then i have done what i set out to achieve.

Thank you, Love

Georgia O'Marah X