Mission Croatia #2

by brooksdaniel926@gmail.com in Gorski kotar

We did it
On 23rd March 2018 we successfully raised £1,560 with 18 supporters in 20 days

I want to see young people transformed, furthering relationships built from last year, and to lead significantly in Croatia this summer.

by brooksdaniel926@gmail.com in Gorski kotar

New stretch target

This new target is to give any surplus money to young people in order that they can come to camp this summer, especially is funding is an issue for them. Your donations past the original target will go specifically to them for camps at DPB House.

Dear my incredible reader(s),

Last year from the 9th June-31st August you all raised £2020 in 56 days which contributed to a number of different things...

1) You enabled me to be transformed and empowered for life, through 4 weeks of intensive missional leadership training with a summer that will forever impact my life- thank you. 

2) You allowed me to connect with individuals from all around the world, providing future opportunities specifically in Croatia for the potential of mission work in the future- thank you.

3) As a result of last summer I was able to visit Macedonia and Kosovo at Christmas and spend time with some of the families I met or knew, as well as some of the guys I am currently mentoring which was so special for them and for me. Consequently from Christmas, I have just accepted an invitation to Macedonia in April/May time for a few days to help at a SEND conference there with their young people- these opportunities are because of your support, so thank you. 

4) However, most importantly you provided the funds in order that I could be a significant part of a total of 6 camps over the summer (4 at DPB House, 1 in Slovenia and 1 in Sirać) resulting in the changing of a number of young people’s lives. These young people were shown their identity of who they are in Christ, given confidence, a place where they were loved and known and we saw a number give their lives to Christ last summer- the testimonies of which will always be etched in my memory, as some of the most inspiring times of my life, being there alonsgside or witnessing a signficiant part of their transformation.

I hope that these 4 points can serve to highlight that the money you donated created a catalyst for change in my life, but more importantly many, many others as well, and I have two things to say as a result...

...ONE, thank you so much, seriously, I cannot say that enough.

...TWO, will you, if you feel so led, give again (or for the first time!) in order that this process of transformation can continue, as I travel back to Croatia for this whole summer, playing a vital part in 2 Missionary Kids Camps, 1 International Camp, 1 English Camp, 1 Camp in Sirać, and in Leadership Lab International training. 

Your donation makes this possible this summer. 

Thank you for reading and being a part of this great journey, I am beyond excited as to what God is going to be doing in Macedonia this April, and then in Croatia for this summer again from mid-June. 

Donate easily and simply here: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/take-2-mission-croatia

Head to my blog for photos and testimonies from Christmas and last summer, by clicking on the link here: https://notjustmondaymotivation.wordpress.com/blog/

Here is a link to the organisation I will be with: https://www.leadershiplabinternational.org

Interested in what camp actually looks like? Here’s a video to show you what I am involved in...

(Also, enjoy some photos...)



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£300 or more

Video Of Thanks (Live Or Not)

If you are so ridiculously generous and decide to give £300 or more, then you will receive either a pre-recorded personal video containing many joys and updates whilst I am in Croatia, or alternatively a live FaceTime/video chat when I arrive back from Croatia (as there is not much restpite whilst on program unfortunately!) as well as also major love from me and the individuals I get the privilege of being with and ministering alongside.

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