Tailored Tuition

by Rhian Taylor in Dunkirk, England, United Kingdom

Tailored Tuition
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We love maths, science & english! We don't love unfair tuition centres charging students sky-high rates and paying tutors minimum wage!

by Rhian Taylor in Dunkirk, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

With extra money, we can expand our vision to more tuition hubs! We would love to have our tuition hub in every region of the UK!

Our Hub, Our Promise...

At our tuition hub, we have a place to meet students in a safe environment. We have our teaching resources, whiteboards, internet, etc. everything we need to deliver the best possible tuition! We are a network of tutors who absolutely love our subjects. We believe that you can enjoy any subject, with the right games, the right team and the right tutor! and when you enjoy your subjects, you can smash your potential! We are a (small but mighty!) team of 5 recent graduates, with 4 Masters degrees and (nearly!) 2 PhDs between us - we are highly-qualified, experienced and passionate (and the loveliest group of girls I've ever met!)

Better for Students and Tutors...

There are many tuition centres (over one hundred) across the UK, so why did I think we need another one? I haven't found one perfect tuition centre and I've worked at a few! Students are regularly charged £30 per hour, and the tutors are given minimum wage. Working at some tuition centres, I found that tutors hate their jobs! They are timetabled in 3pm until 6pm, and that's their "shift". Tuition should not be like that! When I teach, I don't have a shift, I don't have times, I have Ella, Jake & Rosie.. I have people! I build relationships, trust and confidence! I believe that tuition is shaping students' futures, is that a minimum wage part-time job? 

Raising Money...

This summer we're raising money for books and resources. In September, we're hosting a mathematical treasure hunt to get everyone outside to enjoy maths, problem solving and team building! The money that we raise will go towards:

  • textbooks and revision guides for students! 
  • marketing to share our vision and expand our business!
  • our teaching resources so that we can give the best possible tuition!

Helping this cause is shaping young lives. Thank you for your support for Tailored Tuition.

If you need a little more persuading, have a look at some of our testimonials!


"Highly recommend, it was thanks to the tuition Abigail received that she gained her A grade in GCSE Maths a whole grade higher than her high school Maths teacher predicted. A whole year early at aged 14."


"Rhian, tutored my eldest daughter from about year 9 in high school and both of their hard work and determination helped my daughter to achieve maths GCSE. Rhian has now started tutoring my youngest daughter who has just started high school. Rhian has helped both of them grow in confidence and they both absolutely love her. I’m told that Rhian makes learning maths fun and my youngest daughter has already come on leaps and bounds in the short time she’s been going and the teachers have also noticed a great improvement. I have every faith in Rhian that I will have another mathematician when my youngest takes her GCSEs."



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