Tai Chi Centre
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I want to raise money to create a Tai Chi Centre.

by Jan Simpson in Flansham, England, United Kingdom

This is the first time I have ever used crowd funder to try and raise money. I am really passionate about Tai Chi and have been teaching this wonderful Chinese art for many years. My journey in Tai Chi started after I sustained a fractured skull from a serious accident in 1997. My whole life was turned upside down after the accident. I was left partially paralysed down one side of my body, I couldn't smell or taste and I experienced a mini breakdown. If it wasn't for Tai Chi I wouldn't be here today. It helped me get my life back, it gave me something to focus on and more importantly, it allowed me to help other people. Over the last 5 months I have been struggling to continue my hectic teaching schedule. The travelling and hours have taken its toll on my body and I have had to give up a big chunk of my classes. My dream has always been to create a Tai Chi Centre where people could visit, not only to practice Tai Chi, but to also participate in yoga, meditation and other classes. I vision the centre like visiting a temple in China, being transported to the orient, having a place to take time out. We live in an age where everything is moving so fast and more and more people are suffering from stress, anxiety and depression. Having a place where people could visit to just relax and let go would be incredible. I would like to find a building that could accommodate 30 people, include toilets, a small kitchen and have a room for acupuncture treatments or massage. An outside area would be great to create a Chinese garden with seating and an area to hold lessons outside in the summer. I really don't know how this is going to happen, but I hope anyone reading this can see my dream and can help in making it come true. Thank you. 

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