Inclusion on the World Stage for disabled people

by Ray Sweeney in Oxford, England, United Kingdom

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To enable a group of disabled young athletes to take part in the opening ceremony of the 1st TAFISA World Festival of Martial Arts in Russia

by Ray Sweeney in Oxford, England, United Kingdom

TAFISA (Sport for all Federation of the Olympics) have invited a group of young disabled martial artists to take part in the Opening Ceremony of the 1st World Festival of Martial Arts in Ulyanovsk, Russia.

The young people will act as Ambassadors for martial arts for persons with a disability are very excited by this opportunity to present disability martial arts on the world stage. 

 TAFISA are kindly paying for their transit in Russia, their hotel and food for 4 days but the young disabled people still need financial support for their flights.  

Sam has autism, dificulty speaking and learning disability.  Sam is the first black belt in the UK with learning disability and is now a qualified coach.  Ikkaido is helping Sam with his speech, reading and maths so he can now take new qualifications in Activity Leadership, Functional Skills and School PE.

Angus has Aspergers Syndrome and, because he could not cope with university, he went from 5 Grade A A-levels to working 12 hour days wiping bottoms in a care home. Martial arts has changed his life. He has qualified as a coach and teaches young disabled and non-disabled children.  He is more confident and is now studying to become a teacher.

Christian has Asperger Syndrome and struggles with social issues but martial arts have empowered him to study five languages at university including Chinese.

Ewi has struggled with mental health issues for several years but martial arts have enabled her to gain back her self-confidence and self-esteem so that she can complete her studies and participate in social activities again.

For seven years these young disabled people have been having fun and practising karate.  It has totally transformed their lives.  Now they want to spread the word about the benefits of inclusive martial arts for people with a disability and for their communities by being Ambassadors at the 1st TAFISA World Festival of Martial Arts in Ulyanovsk

We want to make sure that these young people have a truly unforgettable experience and give them a stopover to see Moscow for two days, 

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