TADS 5 to 11 support

TADS 5 to 11 support

We are raising funds to pay a therapist to offer 1:1 sessions for young people and children aged 5 to 18 struggling with mental health

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Thanks Dan Cooper and Ben Wright who have agreed to undertake a sky dive this summer to raise mych needed funds for our charity TADS Therapies for Anxiety, Depression & Stress.  Www.tadsbarnsley.co.uk twitter tads123456, facebook TADS.

We have funding from The Big Lottery to work with 250 11 to 18 year old young people referred to our service every year but mainly offer group sessions. Many young people are too anxious to attend a group setting but only have 40 funded 1:1 places.

We are being inundated to work with children from 5 years and therefore we are hoping to raise funds to employ a part time therapist to work with this age group.  

The children are struggling with anxiety, anger, stress, depression, gender issues, bereavement and the waiting list fir CAMHS is extensive with waiting lists of up to 18 months.

Early intervention is key to prevent spiralling mental health issues.