Tackling Violent Extremism

Develop intervention programmes that will safeguard individuals and communities from Muslim Violent Extremism.

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Project aim

Develop intervention programmes that will safeguard individuals and communities from Muslim Violent Extremism.

About the project

My PhD research is a theological narrative analysis of Muslim Violent Extremist rhetoric.  It identifies the theological stimuli utilised in the communications of Muslim Violent Extremist recruiters in order to analyse their relationship with decision making processes.  Thus my research promotes interdiscipliniarity between thelogical stimuli and psychological cognitive processes.   

Since starting my research at the University of Birmingham in March 2014, I have successfully completed my first year and drafted a comprehensive literature review.  I have visited Pakistan where I spent two months in order to explore field research opportunities.  Since returning from my field research scoping exercise, I have further refined my research question and will now be conducting desk based research that focuses on the self proclaimed Islamic State movement.  

At the end of my research I intend to be in a position where I am able to provide a theoretical platform for a theologically rooted intervention programme that safeguards individuals from the suseptibility of violent extremism.  My research will also offer a platform for further interdisciplinary investigation in to this phenomenon as well as holding the prospect of informing governmental counter terrorism policies and strategies.  

Since enrolling at the University of Birmingham I have:

  1. Won the 2014 University of Birmingham Research Poster Conference for the College of Arts & Law. 
  2. Completed the 2014 University of Birmingham Leading Academics course.
  3. Proceeded as a finalist to the University of Birmingham 3 Minute Thesis Competition 2014.
  4. Completed the University of Birmingham 2015 Talent Pool programme.
  5. Participated in the 2015 University of Birmingham Research Poster Conference.  

 In addition to the above, I have successfully completed a traditional Islamic Studies programme thus am able to understand classical Arabic and make reference to primary religious sources.  I have a Masters (Distinction) from the University of Gloucestershire my thesis for which was a Critical Analysis of the the factors attributed to Muslim Violent Extremism.  Finally I have also served as a police officer for over 13 years, including as detective for the Counter Terrorism Unit.

I would make use of the funds sought in order to pay for my tuition fees and sustain myself and young family while I complete my doctoral research.  

All donations/contributions will be of great help and massively appreciated.  

If you would like more information regarding the project, my current progress (including records of meetings with my research supervisor), methodology and analysis, impact and proposed dissemination; then please make contact on 07473 103 783 or email rxm355@bham.ac.uk.  I am more than happy to discuss my project in greater detail and where appropriate am willing to meet.  


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