Tackling the ME/CFS issue

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Tackling the ME/CFS issue
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The education of those who have a duty of care over M.E/C.F.S patients on the true nature of the illness and how they can support them.

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New stretch target

Wider plans include books for newly diagnosed M.E/C.F.S patients on the human perspective of the condition. Most patients receive their diagnosis after a long and stressful period of time when lots of tests come back with negative results. Everyone thinks that the diagnosis is the end goal, it's not. Then we find out there is no effective treatment. These books will offer advice and suggestions about aspects of M.E/C.F.S that can't be gleaned from a healthcare professional.

I've been an M.E advocate/campaigner for 4 years and raised over £10k for M.E research with my global social media-driven brand ME Foggy Dog. The brand organically evolved and now it's time for the next step.

I am in the process of setting up a Community Interest Company for the benefit of the M.E/C.F.S community. The business will educate those people who have a duty of care over M.E/C.F.S patients about the true nature of the illness. The M.E/C.F.S community will benefit in 3 ways:

1. Surplus will go to M.E research

2. Patients will receive more appropriate support from healthcare/education professionals and employers.

3. The stigma surrounding the illness will be smashed.

The majority of medical professionals receive ZERO training on M.E/C.F.S in medical school. Any information they go on to learn from NHS sources (or equivalent)  is not fit for purpose. This means that, as they are often a point of contact for health advice, any information that is cascaded down to employers or teachers is inadequate and potentially harmful to patients.

Many GPs and other healthcare professionals refuse to accept that M.E/C.F.S is a real illness. Despite it being recognised by the World Health Organisation as a disability decades ago. This needs to change.

This new CIC will address the need for education on this invisible disability. 250,000 people here in the UK have M.E/C.F.S.  Worldwide, 17-30 million people have been diagnosed with the condition. We receive so little government research funding (less than that given to male baldness) we have yet to identify the cause, discover any effective treatment, or work out why the range of severity is so wide.

I am crowdfunding to cover the costs of creating the e-learning platform and initial set-up costs.

Please help.

Thank you.


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